CAPITAL PAWNoffers upscale value shopping in a friendly environment with a emphasis on sustaining the regional community. We room a family members run, family-friendly pawn, loan, and trade service in Salem, Oregon, situated on among the busiest streets in south Salem.Loans are a quick means to borrow money - with few questions asked. We market solutions that administer the cash you require without marketing your cherished belongings and also cover your short-term financial needs.

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 I introduce this shop

I have actually used number of pawn shops in Salem over the years, and I feeling compelled to write a review due to the fact that this location is by far the best. I marketed some antique silver there last week, and also was offered an ext money 보다 the various other 2 locations I went to. The men were straight-up about how they had calculated the price, and I uncovered it fair. The employee was professional and also the shop itself was nicer/newer than what I’ve watched elsewhere. I recommend this shop above the rather in town… huge time.

Friendly environment

About to be going into the finest place in town. Friendly environment and down to earth peeps. Extremely recommend capital Pawn! They constantly treat you like family. Not sufficient stars because that my good review.

Capital Pawn is the best

I have been a customer because that a lengthy time. Over there prices are an extremely reasonable on their merchandise. The employee are always friendly and greets you with a smile and also a welcome. Their store is clean and also well organized. I love purchase there, and also I live clean on the various other side of town and won’t shop at any type of other pawn store. Funding Pawn is the best. Say thanks to you all for your an excellent service.

Fair price

Stopped in to shop because that a new chainsaw. The store prices were quite reasonable, no the stupid high price you check out at some places. They enabled me to examine the compression that the saw just to make sure it didn’t have a burned piston and also cylinder. The saw tested close to factory new compression and also we settled on a fair price. Nice group of folks.

Top notch establishment

Capital Pawn is a peak notch establishment. They genuinely care around their customers and also take an excellent pride in their business. The owner is constantly working to enhance what is already a great store!

What’s not to love!?

Honestly, what’s not to love about Capital Pawn?! They constantly have awesome prices and an excellent deals! I’ve to be going here since they opened. Many thanks to the exorbitant staff, who is beyond knowledgeable around all of your products, i will constantly shop here. Always a funny time, and the best customer service. Save up the great work!

Very accommodating

During my first visit, ns was greeted by many of the staff, and they were really nice, knowledgeable, and also helpful, also when busy. An extremely accommodating for questions. Made a comprehensive purchase based upon their great customer service.

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Despite the boosting popularity that smartwatches, the luxury watch industry is quiet strong. Capital Pawn buys, sells, trades, and also pawns luxury watches like Rolex, Omega, and also Patek Philippe every day. Girlfriend may also be surprised that various other brands choose Fossil, G-Shock, Gucci, Valentino, or Invicta are additionally valued by us. This raises the question, “How <…>

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