i have Been Lonely, ive been waiting for you, im pretending, and also thats all I deserve to do (Thats every I deserve to do mama) the love im sendin aint surviving to her heart... (I hope you listen me...)

I shed tears reason Im told the the heal, come tell the reality I dont know exactly how to feel, ever before felt alone in room full of friends, got huge plans but leave em in suspense, pray for me, patience wait because that me, pay dues, trust me lock aint comin, means back it to be hoops now its maybach coupes, and also we every took a vow no squares in the loop, currently we look in ~ each various other sittin in the courtroom, im laughin cause its lookin prefer a cartoon, never ever snitch, obtained it tattooed by cartoon, somebody switch, by mine rules we all lose.

You've been hiding, never ever letting the show, always trying to keep it under control, you've hosted it down and well top top your means to the top...But there's something friend forgot!

you forgot about the house, you forgot around the ring, i remember everything, I just wanna hear you sing, ns remember the love appropriate after the fight, you cant tell me you not remember those nights, and also If I would cry, you would certainly cry twice to me you room the brightest star under the sunlight, watch take away my t__le, take far stripes, you provide me ago my girl and you give me back life...give me back my girl and you provide me earlier life, watch this is just a nightmare so i blink twice, open up up my eye hopin she be in mine sights, ns remember i wish ns could bring it back, what she typical to me is what I average to lab (fading-what I mean to rap)

You've been hiding, (You know) never letting it show, constantly trying (I check out you hidin it mama) to store it under control,(But I know you know) you've organized it down (I understand you do) and also you're well on her (But, ns wish every nothing but happiness shorty,) means to the top yet there's something friend forgot!

Fourtune and also fame room pleasures friend couldnt fathom yet fortunately for me, my fortune constructed me a palace benjamins by pallett, spendin em mighty daily, I recognize Im under suverveilence, i look at it together a talent, millions ive gotta manage, lil talent up in the rappin, im such a threat to these n____s, you never understand what can happen, I started without a coin not knowin which method im goin currently im chowderin bones and also readin em a couple of poems weathered every one of the storms, now its time to check out the light and I never ever felt this way bout anythin in my life determined to it is in the best, not lookin ago at regrets just how many human being you blessed is how you measure up success!(d___!)"

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