Here is a complete walkthrough for deserve to You to escape The Room VIII. We will certainly tell you every the solutions with step by action instructions on how to settle all the puzzles. Choose the level you space stuck in the list below and you will acquire all the answers. Don’t forget to bookmark this page in instance you gain stuck in another room in the future. Let you can’t stop, begin your mind cells, your observations, your judgment, her calculations, trying come escape… Fantastic games. All of them. Stunning graphics and often a an extremely satisfying brain strain.

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Answer level 5:

1-Take the plate and spoon on the bed.2-Tap the spoon and tap the sink3-Tap the brick in the lower right edge of her screen.4-Use the spoon to reduced the wire.5-Tap the wire in your inventory, tap the cable “in the window” to fold.6-Tap the metal table at the head of the bed and take the rag.7-Tap the door lock.8-Use the folded cable in the vital hole together a picklock.9-From the left to the appropriate : tap quickly on all pins.10-Tap the door to relocate to the next room.11-Take the party on the table.12-Take the pincer and also the steel bar top top the drawer metal document cabinet.13-Tap the plate in her inventory and also use the pincer ~ above the plate.14-Tap the fire place and also move the plate through the pince in the fire.15-Tap the warm plate in her inventory and use water to cool down.16-Tap the plate and also use the rag come clean the plate. Insanity the bowl in the home window to update.17-Tap the tree in the lower left edge to go earlier in the jail.18-Tap under the bed.19-Move the clean bowl on the floor.20-Use the stole bar to remove the brick.21-Take the medallion and also the book22-Move to the other room.23-Tap the chest under the cork board.24-Move the medallion at the center.24-In this video game you should fix the badge.

25-Take the iodine bottle and also the chalk pen.26-Tap the publication in her inventory and use iodine to clean. You deserve to see 2 images, and id card and also a dark spot, a ninja and also and an additional dark spot.27-Tap the wall at the appropriate of the drawer metal document cabinet and use the chalk pen top top the wall. Solution is : madness the i would card, the candle, the ninja, the skull.28-Move come the level 6

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