This poem was composed by Langston Hughes (1902-1967);a black color American poet. He worked as a sailor and a cook before he devotedhimself to literature. He to be a leading number in the Harlem Renaissance andbesides composing poetry he additionally wrote novels, books for children, songs and also newspapercolumns. In this poem he specifically and also categorically addresses the situationthat a black tenant finds himself versus a White landlord throughout the time ofracial stress and anxiety in America.

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The poem exposes the main problem that existed inAmerican culture between the americans of afri origin against the WhiteAmericans. The reaction that both next resulted into new conflicts withoutsettling the previous ones. In the poem the Landlord is in dispute with his blacktenant because of the home rent. The tenant agrees to salary on a condition thatthe residence which has actually sprung a leak and also the broken stairs should first berepaired. The landlord intimidates to evict him from the house and also the tenantthreatens to beat the landlord.
The conflict intensifies once the tenant is arrestedand sent out to jail without fair trial because that threatening the Landlord.
The poem shows the troubles of gyeongju prejudices andracial injustice. Blacks to be treated as 2nd class citizens in America. Theywere not given their simple human rights and also they had to hit for their rightsby every feasible means. The poet shows exactly how racial tension grew to a suggest ofresulting to a severe quarrel in between the tenant and the Landlord. The usage ofthe native “Negro” i m sorry is an attack word provided to refer to Black Americanssuggests the the blacks are abused in this society by their Whitecounterparts. Blacks are sent to jail there is no bail, no one fail trial.
-May 24, 2019


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