The korean War lasted indigenous 1950 to 1953, throughout which the communist north Koreans (supported by China and the Soviet Union) fought the anticommunist south Koreans (supported through the US). The war started when the north Korean army invaded across the 38th parallel, the line of division between north Korea and also South Korea that had actually been set after the Japanese occupiers were defeated in civilization War II. Under president Truman, the us joined the war against the communist north Koreans not only to defend the south (consistent with the Truman Doctrine) but likewise to offensively “liberate” the north Koreans native communism.

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Although the US successfully pushed the phibìc Koreans to their side the the 38th parallel, when the US began crossing into the North oriental side, China sent troops to aid North Korea. Chairman Truman go not desire to show off the Chinese, fearing a full-scale war, and began peace talks through the phibìc Koreans in July that 1951. The speak concluded in one armistice signed in July of 1953, which suspended hostilities, reinforced Korea’s department at the 38th parallel, and created a 4,000 kilometer-wide demilitarized zone. Nearly five million world had died in the war, with more than 2.7 million oriental civilian casualties and much more than 30,000 American casualties.


The Vietnam War started in 1954 and ended in 1975, two years ~ Nixon notified the tap the money of united state troops. Vietnam had been conquered by the French since 1887. Prefer Korea, Vietnam had likewise been lived in by the Japanese during world War II. After your defeat, the Japanese i was withdrawn from Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh, a communist politics leader, conveniently gained regulate in phibìc Vietnam, when French-backed Emperor Bao Dai retreated to the South. Both political parties signed a treaty in Geneva, splitting Vietnam follow me the 17th parallel, v Ho controlling the North and also Bao managing the South.

Despite the 17th parallel, plenty of Vietnamese communists, known as the Viet Cong, began attacking the southern government. The united state was worried about a domino effect, believing that if one Southeast oriental country fell to communism, the rather would quickly follow. Thus, under the Kennedy and also Johnson administrations, the united state sent much more troops to support south Vietnam amidst Viet Cong attacks. In august of 1964, the phibìc Vietnamese struck two us warships in the Gulf that Tonkin, and the united state retaliated by bombing North Vietnam and sending much more troops to be stationed in south Vietnam.

The nation"s significant magazines devoted their September 1943 covers to portrayals of women in war jobs, creating approximately 125 million advertisements. Womanpower ads, most of which were full pages, were amongst the interior pages of this magazines. Movement pictures, newspapers, radio, profession press, employee publications, and also in-store display screens all bound in importantly. Even museums participated, through the Museum of contemporary Art in new York conducting a dispute for the finest magazine covers.

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Unlike the oriental War, which go not acquire much media fist in the US, the Vietnam War obtained a lot of media coverage. Anti-war protests started in the US, advertise President Johnson to start peace speak to end the war. After the 1968 election, president Nixon took over the peace talks and began concentrating his attention on “Vietnamization”, which intended withdrawing us troops native Vietnam and also providing the resources South Vietnamese troops required to proceed the war without the US

In January that 1973, peace talks between the US and also North Vietnam concluded with the US’s complete withdrawal indigenous the war. Two years later, southern Vietnam dropped to north Vietnam, and Vietnam was linked under communist control. Together a an outcome of the war, over there were roughly two million Vietnamese casualties and virtually 60,000 American casualties.