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I"ve used this site as a reference for my 03 Z, and I wonder if the same filter works for the 2010 Z. anyone verify the filters being the same, and more importantly, will the Wal-Mart SuperTech ST6607 work ?Thanks for any help.
How much are you saving? $2.2345 per 3000 miles? That"s one item I only use OEM. It"s nearly impossible to determine oil pressure through it and out of it. I ALWAYS install oil filters from my local motorcycle dealer.
It"s not really a cost issue. Do you think the OEM manufacturer actually makes their oil filters, I doubt it. They probably have the same company making them as walmart, fram, bosch , champion...etc. Besides, I"ve used these filters for the past 12 years without a single issue. Some argue they actually provide better filtration.All I know is they work for me, and readily available, haven"t had a single issue, and have read that many others have the same results as I.

I was using the SuperTech 7317 on my ER-6n and it worked great. It was a little longer than stock but fit nicely and was still far enough away from the exhaust. At a glance, the Z"s filter looks about the same size. I have a couple 7317"s in the garage... I"ll see if one fits when I do my first oil change, but that isn"t likely for a while.Edit: A good way to find out is to call the dealer and look up the filter for the Z1000 and the ER-6n/Ninja 650R and see if they"re the same. I might do that tonight since I have to swing by there.Rob
I use k&n filters and they list the same part # for the Z1000, zx10r, versys, vulcan, etc. So should be the same for other brands too.

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Perfect! That tells me what I had suspected. Excellent. Since the Versys and the ER-6n/Ninja 650R use the same motor, more than likely they all use the same filter too.Rob
K&N part number is KN-303 , so yes it is the same for the 650, as well as most other newer kawasaki models... the cross reference list is here.
Yes, and the supertech filters made by champion sold through walmart the st7317 and st6607 are around $3
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