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Hiya. I have actually just unlocked Limit form in Kingdom understanding 2: last Mix. But I have actually no idea just how to use it. Walk anyone know: how to level the up, exactly how to usage Limits and also anything else that will help me with it. Cheers!

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Woo below we go. Very first Post.Leveling UpTo level it increase you have to successfully finish a border to its complete extent.Once you enter limit form, girlfriend cannot usage Magic. The Magic food selection now states Limit and the order is as follows:Sonic BladeArs ArcanumStrike RaidRagnarokAlternately, you can use borders through your shortcut menu as long as you have a magic as a shortcut. (Items in her shortcut food selection DO not activate limits)L1+O faster way will activate Sonic BladeL1+/ will activate Ars ArcanumL1+<> will certainly activate strike RaidL1+X will activate RagnarokHeres the details on the limits.Sonic Blade: This has you speed across the stage. The simplest to efficiently complete. Just button mash / .Extroardinarily useful. Does large Damage come foe and also is an extremely reliable.Ars Arcanum: every in all, really Good. It is probably the most powerful, but it is the hardest come complete. Perform NOT switch mash. Press triangle after ~ the triangle appears, dont time it.Strike Raid: quite Useful, an extremely Easy come complete. Litter Keyblade in ~ the locked ~ above target. Just switch Mash /Ragnarok: ns love this one. Very Powerful. Take away a lot of timing though. The choices that show up are together follows- first Shoot appears, then Impact, then Gigaimpact, and also then influence again. Choose the third option because that most damage potential. Come time the right press / as soon as the second option disappears.Every hit of a limit will gain back HP. Press / the most feasible amount of time to get a Limit kind EXP Point. Leveling up will offer you (in this order) Auto Limit, Dodge role 1, happy Lucky, Dodge role 2, happy Lucky, and Finally Dodge role 3. Every Limit will certainly take far about fifty percent of your MP. External of Limits, Limit type does incredible damage. It has actually the two best finishing moves in history. Zantetsuken deals the most amount of damage with a solitary hit in the game. Its waiting finishing move, Hurricane Drive, Does an excellent damage too.