Crawfish are edible, freshwater crustaceans that look a lot favor smaller lobsters. They space valued for their sweet, very delicious flesh and also can be discovered all over the world yet are most well known as the official state crustacean of Louisiana.

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Crawfish are additionally one of the finest live fishing baits native late spring to the end of summer. Plenty of anglers find it practically to keep some on hand because that sudden unplanned fishing trips to her background lake or any local waters.

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Crawfishes are not stroller, stick eaters and will devour just around anything. Girlfriend won’t also need come buy one expensive distinct feed. The usual food that competent fishers feed them is lettuce.Lettuce is ideal since they execute not contaminate the water in the means that hotdogs or various other raw meat trimmings do.

You nothing need much either. Just leave a couple of large pipeline inside the container.For longer periods the storage, replenish this supply as soon as every week. The day after, you deserve to then clean her container and also replace the water.

Wet Newspaper Or Grass

Crawfish have the right to stay alive for longer periods that time if you keep them in a container lined and/or covering in wet newspapers or some grass. Girlfriend can likewise alternate layers of crawfish through layers the wet newspaper.

Especially as soon as kept in a cooler with some ice, crawfish should host up throughout the work or night this way.

Sea Salt

Crawfish are also known as mudbugs due to the fact that they space most frequently found underneath the mud of freshwater bayous. Due to the fact that of this, their digestive tracts are filled v mud, grass, and also other impurities.

Therefore, most anglers who intended to use them together bait or eat lock boiled prefer to clean or purge them with sea salt and also water. This makes them much more palatable and also appealing. Uncover out much more about purging crawfish in the following section.

Step By step Instructions On exactly how To keep Crawfish alive Overnight

Here room the measures on just how to keep crawfish lively overnight. This process of taking care and also storing live crawfish deserve to keep castle alive through the night or as much as a few days or even weeks.

Step 1. Ensuring the You have actually The ideal Container.

Choose a tray, cooler, bucket, or plastic container to keep your crawfish inside at residence or in her garage. Choose one that is the right size to fit all your crawfish however also huge enough to leave some an are on top.

Make certain that the container you have actually is huge enough to carry out some room for completely cleaning her crawfish. It should additionally be slippery or tall sufficient to prevent any of the crawfish from in which method crawling out.

Crawfish will likewise stay alive fairly long even when preserved in the sack whereby they come in, as lengthy as they have complimentary access come air and also are not fully submerged in water.

Step 2. Lining The Tray Or Container

Line the tray or container making use of wet or moist paper towels, newspapers, piece of cloth or cloth. Also, put some gel packs or ice cream at the bottom. This will aid maintain the short temperature longer and keep your crawfish alive for at least a couple of days.

You can also wrap the crawfish personal with 2nd layers the moist record towels or fabric before storing them through ice or inside the refrigerator. This will store them hydrated and also alive because that up to 5 days.

Or, you can likewise keep the crawfish in their initial sack covered with moist or wet cloth. If you space using a bathtub or huge container, you can make a communication such together a wire rack over the gel packs or ice cream to separate the crawfish from them and also keep castle moist there is no drowning them.

Step 3. Preparing and Cleaning The Crawfish for Purging

If you want to save crawfish alive, you need to make sure to clean lock first. Start by summary running under some water top top them through a water tap to remove any type of dirt or debris native the outside.

Then, you deserve to proceed to save them in a container v some ice.You deserve to keep crawfish alive for a few days as soon as kept at temperatures 36ºF come 46ºF. Just make certain to drainpipe them as essential to protect against submerging lock in water.

Then, eliminate the ice cream and enable the crawfish come go earlier to room temperature, ~ which friend can start purging them.Be certain to eliminate the ice and also let the crawfish return to room temperature prior to purging.

Step 4. Purging her Crawfish

You have the right to purge your crawfish in two ways: with and without salt.

Purging through salt

The on purpose of salting is not to season, but to clean the crawfish by forcing them to vomit out mud and also wastes from your digestive tracts. However, since the crawfish will certainly go wild and squirmy v salt, this step is optional.

Salt additionally increases the threat of killing them.To purge through salt, to water a liberal amount of regular table salt or sea salt in her crawfish within a large bathtub or container. Then, utilizing a large spatula or any type of instrument, line the crawfish about to distribution the salt evenly.

Next, pour water end the crawfish till they are submerged. This gets rid of grime and minimizes the fishy odor and taste that the crawfish. Stir roughly gently for roughly 3 minutes to to wash off mud from the gills and shells.

Try come pour the end the saltwater totally while maintaining the crawfish in the tub. Refill the bathtub with fresh, clean water and also stir again. Remove this water and rinse one much more time.

You will notification the water to be less grimy. You can stop purging as soon as you room satisfied with exactly how clean the water is.

Purging Without Salt

If you pick not to usage salt, simply fill the bath tub with water, submerging the crawfish for about ten come fifteen minutes. This helps loosen the grime and dirt.Pour out the dirty water and also refill again v fresh water.

Wait for one more five come fifteen minutes before draining and also refilling again. Perform this number of times till you deem the water to be sensibly clean. Drain again prior to storing her crawfish.

Here’s a short video on exactly how to do it:

Step 5. Keeping The Container Clean

During purging, friend may notice some dead crawfish that will certainly float ~ above the water. Over there could likewise be molted turn off shells. Eliminate both of these as quickly as feasible because both deserve to pollute the water fast.

This can influence and death the various other alive crawfish, leave you with no bait. Also, do not feed your crawfish v raw meat like hamburger meat or hotdogs, which can have the very same effect.

Remove uneaten food and also replace the water or ice cream at least once a job to protect against contamination.To eliminate water, you can simply rotate over the bucket or container and permit the water to drain through a void or the holes drilled in the lid.

Step 6. Store It.

Finally, save the crawfish cool and moist. Defend them indigenous too lot sunlight or the wind. Save your container in a dark and cool ar like the garage or basement.

Change or replace the gel packs or ice cream regularly and spray or sprinkle some water every few hours or so.You can likewise check out this video on Youtube about catching, purging, and how to store crawfish lively overnight or until you are all set to use them


​That’s it! Easy, right? These straightforward steps, tips, and tricks on exactly how to save crawfish lively overnight or longer permit you to save money, time, and effort in the long run.

This is also really convenient for human being who choose to record fish choose bass through crawfish however are worn down of going come a bait shop prior to every fishing trip.If you live much from a bait shop and also happen come buy crawfish too early beforehand, this simple method will stop wasting good bait or food.

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If you capture crawfish through yourself, this is additionally a an excellent way to preserve big batches that crawfish record for both baiting and also consumption while likewise keeping castle fresh, alive, and also of the maximum possible quality.