I have seen many world using the idiom offer a heads up to educate or notify that other is going come happen.

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Can I additionally use "get a heads up" to gain an update or progression of work, task etc.

For example, "Could I gain a top up ~ above the update of this project?"

Thank you


If you"re asking for someone to characterize the development of something they"re functioning on, that wouldn"t make a entirety lot of feeling to ask for a "heads up" ~ above the standing of the project. As other commenters have noted, the plot of giving someone a "heads up" on miscellaneous is much more of an activity of warning castle or providing them notice of something about to come. If girlfriend were questioning them to offer you a top up as soon as the upgrade is about to it is in finished, that would certainly make sense, yet that doesn"t it seems to be ~ to it is in what you"re questioning here.


heads up tfd

adj. Showing an alert, proficient style: play heads-up basketball n. Unshened - information or notification: offered me a heads-up top top the new security measures.

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It have the right to be an alarm ... Or just a notification. My feeling is:

Yes, girlfriend can get a heads up on the update status> the this project.


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