Photo collection Personality: joy GiovanniBirthday: January 20, 1978Hometown: originally from Boston, MassachusettsNow resides in Los Angeles, California elevation & Weight: 5"5"Trained by: WWE TrainingDebut: 2004Previous Gimmicks: Diva search Contestent noteworthy Feuds: Amy Webber

Giovanni winner the 2001 L.A. Model Expo. She completed in the 2004 and 2005 Lingerie key events.

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Giovanni was in the Avenged Sevenfold music video clip for "Beast and also the Harlot". She appears around two minutes and thirty seconds into the music video and performs in a sensual pole dance adhered to by a lesbian scene with the harlot i m sorry lasts just over a minute. She loser her spirit upon making call with the harlot. Giovanni has is likewise an avid pan of pork rinds. She admits to indulging herself frequently while on the road.

She was additionally a panelist because that the G4 show video Game Vixens. In 2004 and also 2005, respectively, she appeared in 2 films: Instinct vs. Reason and also When all Else Fails.

Giovanni participated in 2004 Diva Search, despite after finishing 3rd place in the competition, WWE signed her to a contract just a couple of days after she elimination. Joy debuted top top SmackDown! together a massage therapist, and she started a feud with Amy Weber. The two became affiliated in then-babyface, large Show"s feud through JBL, v Giovanni as the on-screen girlfriend of big Show. The feud contained a part where joy was kidnapped and discovered, bound and gagged in JBL"s limo trunk in i m sorry at the moment Joy and Amy was scheduled for a rings match however due to joy being walk away Amy winner by forfeit, and also a backstage catfight in between Amy and herself. ~ Weber"s exit from WWE, delight won the 2005 Rookie Diva the the Year contest at No means Out. Beating the end Michelle McCool, Rochelle Loewen, and also Lauren Jones ~ this win, she occasionally showed up on SmackDown! throughout backstage segments with various other Divas or sometimes bikini and lingerie contests she would soon obtain into a quick minor backstage feud with fellow Smackdown! Diva Melina and Dawn Marie prior to she was released from she contract in the summer of 2005.

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Giovanni do a one-off illustration of she debut complement during the 25 Divas battle Royal come determnine miss out on Wrestlemania in ~ WWE"s WrestleMania XXV alongside assorted other previous WWE Divas. Giovanni to be eliminated early on in the contest.