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Was control today and the irradiate on mine dash come on (BRAKE). Checked fluid and it was an extremely low so filled it, placed the cap ago on and also went on mine way. The BRAKE light never went off. What can the problem be?Thanks.Oh, checked mileage again up and down this really steep hill ns live on. I am gaining 14 mpg. This hill is a 19% grade. Because that those of you not familiar with the hills that is an extremely steep. Girlfriend can"t acquire up this hill without 4WD if that snows and we get alot of snow. Ns am happy through 14 up and also down the hill and also 20 in town and also on the highway.I am beginning to love this jeep. My 18yo boy sure does. He keeps trying come buy it from me and also he can"t think his virtually 60yo mother hangs the end on CHEROKEE TALK.....


also, i recognize its an easy but the happens, did girlfriend make sure the e-brake lever was every the way down. Even if friend nudged it up on accident, the would also do it.
The E-brake was the an initial thing ns checked when it didn"t walk off ~ filling. The was down all the way. The jeep is an 89 cherokee. Ns have had it for 2 weeks now and am simply trying to gain familiar and also work the end the issues it has.Thanks for her help!

The light comes on once there is a lack of pressure in the brake system. That can be alot that things negative fluid, leak, negative rubber line, bad wheel cylinder, negative Master Cylinder, negative caliper, etc..

the sensor ~ above the resivor likes to stick ~ above mineso girlfriend might shot checking that. Really easy. Take your finger or a screw driver and just madness it and also make sure the float is floating.and welcome btw
Maybe he out to change his display screen name to "postage stamp" since he likes being licked by the mudhole and then stuck?Just teasin, cad.
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Poke the sensor. Shot and bleed the brakes, if the pedal has a spongy feeling you probably have actually air in the line somewhere.

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