If any type of 90s kids, or even early on 2000s, ever watched the animated comedy Phineas and also Ferb, climate there’s a strong possibility the they recognized the voice of Benny watts in a current Netflix‘s miniseries The Queen’s Gambit.

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It is because the man who plays Benny watts is the very same who voiced the lead character that Ferb Fletcher in Phineas and Ferb. The is none other than the talented English actor cutting board Brodie-Sangster.

Thomas has additionally been a part of good films and shows. To name a few, he played Jojen Reed in Game of Thrones and Newt in the huge box office hit Maze Runner film series.

This write-up will be all around him. Native his basic wikis to net worth and also dating info–this wiki-style write-up has it all.

How Old Is thomas Brodie-Sangster?

The Game that Thrones star was born on may 16, 1990, which makes him 30 year old as of November 2020.

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Family background — Parents, Siblings

Thomas Brodie-Sangster to be born and also raised in Southwark, a little district in London. Born come his parents, mark Sangster and Tasha Bertram, Thomas had a kind upbringing.

Thomas is Scottish native his head side together his dad note is indigenous Banchory, Scotland. Whereas, Thomas’s mom’s family tree is largely English. Back she also has hints of Scottish, Welsh, French, Belgian, Cornish, and Jersey in she ancestry.

Thomas also had a sibling by his side growing up. She is younger than Thomas and her surname is Ava Sangster.

Apparently, Thomas has actually some musical talent too aside native his normal acting job. He have the right to play bass, guitar, and drums quite well. In fact, cutting board learned come play guitar left-handedly for the movie Nowhere Boy and also drums because that the movie Love Actually.

How tall Is He? 

Coming to thomas Brodie-Sangster’s physical attributes, the stands high at a elevation of 5 ft 10½ inches and weighs 66 kilograms.

What Is thomas Brodie-Sangster network Worth?

Thomas’s acting career started in the year 2001. His very first acting function was in a BBC television film referred to as Station Jim. Subsequently, Thomas showed up in more television films like The miracle of the Cards, Bobbie’s Girl, among others.

His very first major theatrical film was Love Actually. Cutting board played the component of Sam in the movie for which he to be nominated in awards like golden Satellite Award and Young Artist Award.

In the year 2007, Thomas acquired his much-needed large break through the animated collection Phineas and also Ferb. The actor easily gained global recognition after he voiced Ferb Fletcher in the Disney show.

In 2013, Game of Thrones viewers got to see Thomas in the duty of Jojen Reed. Despite his tiny screen-on-time, doubters were impression by his significant talent.

From 2014, cutting board began appearing in the Maze Runner trilogy. The plays the function of Newt in all 3 movies, specific The Maze Runner, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, and also Maze Runner: The fatality Cure.

In 2017, the English actor depicted Whitey Winn in Netflix‘s miniseries Godless. The actor was praised through his fans and critics because that his duty as Benny watt in The Queen’s Gambit.

Reportedly, Thomas has made a staggering network worth of $2 million indigenous his acting career as of November 2020.

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Is cutting board Brodie-Sangster Gay?

Although Thomas’s love life is sort of one open publication now, the was no the case in the beforehand 2010s. Number of of his fans were dying to recognize if he to be dating any type of girl then.

Their craze in knowing Thomas Brodie-Sangster’s relationship status to be so high that several of them even started to spread rumors the him gift “gay” after they could not find anything about his an individual life, i m sorry obviously was proven false after details about Thomas’s girlfriend started to surface ar on the Internet.

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Is cutting board Brodie-Sangster Married Or Dating?

As of 2020, thomas Brodie-Sangster wasn’t married. However, he was without doubt dating someone. Keep analysis to find out!

Thomas Brodie-Sangster’s very first public girlfriend to be Patience Harding. Thomas started dating the style icon when his period was roughly 18. The lovely pair date for more than a year before breaking up in 2009.

The man who earned many female fans from Love Actually take it a rest from dating until late 2012. In December 2012, Thomas began dating English actress and production manager, Isabella Melling.

Isabella is popular for her power in the TV present My Parents room Aliens. The talented actress has appeared in an episode of the present Casualty.

The adorable duo additionally made several public appearances together. The pair to be spotted together at the 2016 London critics Circle movie Awards and also several Maze jogger premieres.

Fans to be happy seeing Thomas with his girlfriend Isabella once suddenly the rumors of your break up started to spread out on the Internet. Because both that them never bothered to clean the rumors away, nobody yes, really knew if castle were together or not until Thomas’s photo with his new girlfriend, Gzi Wisdom, appeared on the internet on 2019’s Valentine’s Day. That is when civilization got to recognize that the rumor was without doubt true.

Thomas’s girlfriend Gzi wrote, “Romance and Shit”, Instagramming a photo of castle together.

Gzi is an Australian-born model, photographer, and artist. She operation her own fashion shop dubbed Depop, which offers a range of vintage clothing. She has also composed a track dubbed Morning Sun. The track is accessible to currently on SoundCloud.

In September 2019, the young duo was seen on Malibu beach. The media spotted a shirtless Thomas having actually fun with his girlfriend Gzi top top a hot Saturday.

Thomas and his girlfriend Gzi in ~ Stardust movie premiere.

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The attractive couple was recently again spotted together at Stardust movie premiere. In the event, cutting board rocked a navy blazer and also a matching pair of trousers whereas his girlfriend wore a white shirt and also a black pencil skirt.