When adopting a new pet, it is necessary to recognize which foodstuffs are safe for them and which need to be avoided.

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Understanding the necessary nutrients your pet requirements is among the first pieces of information you must look for out as a new owner of guinea pigs.

A common leafy green many type of owners want to recognize around is spinach.

As a general dominion, spinach is a safe food for your guinea pig at any kind of age. This leafy green is affluent in necessary vitamins and also minerals such as Vitamin C, A, Potassium, and Calcium, vital to your cavy’s health. However, there are numerous risk determinants linked via its high levels of oxalic acid.

Knowing the benefits and also threats of feeding spinach to your guinea pigs is vital to raise happy and healthy pets.

Let’s look at this food’s location in the in its entirety diet.


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Benefits of Fresh Spinach For Guinea PigsGuinea Pig Dietary Requirements

Spinach Nutrition Facts

Spinach is a fantastic leafy green full of essential nutrients, consisting of calcium, potassium, and vitamins A and C.

This healthy and balanced green is a fantastic enhancement to your pet’s diet, yet you need to feed it in moderation.

Let’s look at the nutrition facts of 100 grams of raw baby spinach to understand these benefits much better.

Calories23 Kcal
Protein2.86 g
Sugar0.42 g
Dietary Fiber2.2 g
Potassium558 mg
Calcium (Ca)99 mg
Phosphorus (P)49 mg
Vitamin A2.81 mg
Vitamin C28.1 mg
Oxalic Acid1 g

This nutrition indevelopment for 100 g of spinach was obtained from theUSDA National Nutrient databaseandNutritics Blog.

Looking at the table over, you are able to see raw baby spinach is well-off in protein, fiber, calcium, potassium, and also vitamins A and also C.

These nutrient quantities, in addition to the green’s low levels of phosphorus and also sugar, qualify spinach as a healthy and balanced, nutrient-dense food.

Benefits of Fresh Spinach For Guinea Pigs

Vitamin C

Spinach has actually many kind of benefits for guinea pigs.

One of the many vital benefits is its vitamin C content.

Vitamin C is important for guinea pigs bereason their bodies carry out not naturally create this nutrient individually.

This renders supplementing this nutrient in their diets exceptionally crucial.

Without adequate quantities of vitamin C, guinea pigs are susceptible to occurring scurvy.

Scurvy is an illness which creates from a deficiency of this nutrient and will certainly result in bleeding or sore gums, open wounds, and also weakness in the body.

On average, a guinea pig demands between 10 mg and 30 mg of vitamin C per day.

Due to the fact that 100 g of spinach contains roughly 28 mg of this nutrient, it is a great resource.

Of course, you will never feed your pet 100 g in a solitary serving, so the actual levels they get from spinach are reduced than 28 mg.

Some good choices to spinach are parsley and kale.

These greens, together with various other safe fruits and also vegetables favor strawberries and also broccoli, contain vitamin C.

This nutrient is additionally supplemented in the pellets of guinea pig food, which must make up the majority of your pet’s diet.

Vitamin A & Potassium

Vitamin A is likewise a vital nutrient for these animals.

It helps assistance necessary body organ feature and a healthy immune device and vision.

Guinea pigs require adequate levels of this nutrient in their daily diet to stay in great health.

Potassium is one more important nutrient for guinea pigs.

Potassium likewise plays an important role in interior organ attribute.


Calcium is one more important nutrient for guinea pigs.

Like many type of animals, calcium content is necessary for a guinea pig’s bone wellness.

Spinach has actually excellent calcium levels, through a calcium content of 99 mg per 100 g of baby spinach leaves.

It has a great calcium to phosphorus ratio (Ca:P) of approximately 2:1.

This is important bereason phosphorus will inhilittle bit an animal’s capacity to absorb and also procedure calcium in its body.

Spinach Issues For Guinea Pigs

Although spinach is a healthy food rich in many kind of necessary nutrients, it poses a risk variable for guinea pigs.

Spinach is high in oxalic acid, additionally recognized as oxalates.

Oxalic acid is a compound which inhibits calcium absorption in the body.

Since calcium is essential for these animals, high levels of oxalate are unhealthy and balanced and also may be dangerous.

Oxalates may likewise result in kidney or bladder stones.

Bladder stones, a common issue among guinea pigs, are regularly exceptionally painful for your pet.

If the stones are tiny sufficient, your pet might have the ability to pass them on their very own.

Your vet will likely advise you to rise their water inrequire to flush them out before they gain as well big.

In some cases, your pet might be unable to pass these bladder stones normally, and also they will certainly require surgical treatment to have actually them rerelocated.

Warning indicators to detect guinea pig bladder stones are irregularity or incapacity to urinate.

This problem is major and also must be corrected for your guinea pig to survive.

No matter the dimension of the bladder stone, you should carry out your finest to keep your pet comfortable and also free of tension.

This painful condition will boost stress levels in your pet, which may result in other health issues.

The various other danger connected with spinach is exactly how much your pet will certainly gain it.

Cavies are well-known to gain the taste of this green and will most likely eat as a lot as you give it.

Because they will not naturally know as soon as to stop eating this food, it is up to guinea pig owners to limit their intake.

Spinach Serving Size And Frequency For Guinea Pigs

Spinach has actually many kind of wellness benefits linked through it, but it likewise poses a number of risk factors for your pet.

Due to these danger factors, you must limit guinea pig spinach inrequire to a few leaves per serving.

If you own a single guinea, feel free to add a few leaves to their salad bowl when per week.

If you have actually multiple piggies, it is finest to hand feed these leaves to them to ensure one does not eat more than the correct percentage.

While spinach is affluent in many of the necessary nutrients for your pet, they are likewise discovered in other vegetables and also leafy greens.

For instance, kale is a superfood via all of the benefits of spinach and also deficient oxalate levels (20 mg/100 g).

When feeding spinach to your piggies, be sure to additionally provide other nutritious foods items prefer kale and also parsley.

Keep in mind, as well a lot of any type of one food is never before an excellent thing.

Variety is key to a healthy and balanced and also well balanced diet.

We advise reserving spinach as an occasional treat and also carry out not recommend feeding it to your pets regularly.

It is best to administer them through this green when per week at many.

Guinea Pig Dietary Requirements

An right guinea pig diet is composed of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, hay, and food pelallows.

These animals are herbivores, interpretation they are only able to consume plant matter.

In the wild, guinea pigs are natural grazers.

This means they are constantly foraging for food and also eating throughout the day.

Domesticated additionally have actually this eating halittle, so it is important to constantly carry out them with something to munch on.

Your pets should have constant access to hay in their cage.

Guinea pigs primarily like to eat orcdifficult, oat, and also timothy hay.

We suggest a high-high quality guinea pig hay, such as thisKaytee second cut timothy hay.

You may be wondering what the distinction is between initially cut, second reduced, and also third cut hay.

First reduced timothy hay is high in dietary fiber via a coarser texture and even more seed heads.

The second cut is the most well-known alternative of timothy hay and is generally the most nutritious.

Third cut hay is the softest reduced and is the leafiest.

Along through second-cut timothy hay, guinea pig-certain commercial pellets will certainly comprise the majority of your pet’s diet.

Specifically, 90% of your pet’s overall diet should consist of these two foods items.

Tbelow are several alternatives for guinea pig pellet food.

A highly rated and trusted option is theKaytee Timothy Complete Guinea Pig Food.

Kaytee additionally sells a pellet calledTimothy Complete Plus Fruits and also Vegetables.

We imply opting for the original formula if you intend to supplement your pet’s meals through fresh create.

This will allow you to carry out a balanced diet without adding too many type of additional fruits and also vegetables.

Due to the fact that 90% of your pet’s diet will consist of pellets and also hay, only 10% should be alsituated to fresh fruits and also vegetables.

For the average adult guinea pig, 10% of their diet equates to approximately one cup of fresh vegetables and fruits per day.

The majority of this serving must consist of dark leafy greens.

You will certainly additionally must ensure your cavy has clean, fresh drinking water every day.

Clean drinking water suggests you will certainly have to clean the water bottle eincredibly day and also fill it with fresh water.

Foods Guinea Pigs Love

It may seem evident guinea pigs love timothy hay.

They additionally love munching on some fruit and also practically any type of green vegetable.

Fruits For Guinea Pigs

The following is a list of safe fruit alternatives for your guinea pig.

ApplesApricotsBananasBlueberriesStrawberriesRaspberriesCranberriesCherries (no pit)TomatoesSeedless grapesPapayaKiwi fruitOrangesPeachesPearsPlumsPassion fruitMangoPineappleHoneydew melonCantaloupeWatermelon

Because fruit is generally higher in sugar than green veggies and also leafy vegetables, the portion sizes have to be limited.

For circumstances, if your piggies enjoy eating seedless grapes, be sure just to provide one or two grapes per pet.

Watermelon is another excellent guinea pig treat which you should feed in moderation.

Here’s our short article going right into more details on feeding watermelon to guinea pigs.

Any fruit you pick to include to your pet’s meals should be done so in moderation.

The diet of guinea pigs need to include a variety of fruit.

If you offer them strawberries sooner or later, considering switching to blueberries or apple slices the next time they obtain fruit.

Incorporating these treats into meals will save your guinea pigs happy.

Citrus fruit is packed with many vitamins for your pet, specifically vitamin C.

If you select to add these foodstuffs to your pet’s diet, be certain to execute so in limited amounts.

The high acidity levels might leave your pet with mouth sores if citrus is fed to them as well often.

Vegetables Guinea Pigs Love

You need to incorporate a broad selection of vegetables in your pet’s diet.

This list contains raw vegetables and leafy greens you which will certainly save your guinea pig healthy and balanced.

AsparagusBrussels sproutsBaby cornBroccoliBeet greens/rootsCeleryCarrotsZucchiniButternut squashPumpkinCucumberEco-friendly beansBok choyCabbagePeasTurnip greensWatercressSwiss chardArugulaThymeSweet peppers (green, yellow, red)ParsleyMintBasilDillCilantroKaleSpinachLettuce (red leaf, romaine, bibb)Dandelion leavesDandelion flowers

As watched above, tright here are plenty of delicious options and a broad variety of vegetables and also greens you have to feed your guinea pigs.

Foods to Avoid

Because we have actually extended acceptable foodstuffs to include in your pet’s diet, let’s now comment on some foods to stop.

One of the leading food items to save out of your guinea pig’s diet is the tomato stem.

Tomatoes are a perfect food choice for your pet, yet the little stems and also leaves at the height of the fruit are poisonous and also reason adverse health and wellness results.

Be certain to remove them before mealtime entirely.

Onions and potatoes are also dangerous for guinea pigs.

Be certain to keep your vegetable selections limited to those apconfirmed for your pet’s consumption.

Seeds pose a risk to your guinea pig’s health and wellness.

These are choking hazards, and you must rerelocate huge fruits such as melons before you feed your pet.

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If your guinea pig is enduring health and wellness concerns after eating and uncertain of the cause, it is constantly best to look for experienced advice from your veterinarian.