(moment-g.com) – The work after Christmas is typically not taken into consideration a legitimate holiday, however due come Christmas fallout’s on a Sunday this year, Mondayis gift observed by many employers- including government- together a holiday. Together a result, countless public solutions will not be easily accessible on this day.

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Here is a look in ~ what is open, and also what is closed:

Banks: many closedCourts: ClosedFederal Offices: ClosedLibraries: ClosedLiquor Stores: OpenMalls: OpenMunicipal Offices: ClosedPost Office: Closed, no letter deliveryPublic Transit: See below for changesRegistry of engine Vehicles: ClosedRestaurants: OpenRetail Stores: OpenStock Market: ClosedSupermarkets: Open

Public Transit

BRTA: No serviceFRTA: No service, JWO Transit facility Closed




Mass. AG urges court come uphold the ideal of local governments to regulate the public bring of firearms

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“I desire to obtain that full high college experience,” college student at Springfield central High School defines getting vaccinated

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Northwestern DA urges sexual attack victims to file report between UMass Amherst protests

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CDC: Salmonella outbreak indigenous unidentified food resource sickens human being in Massachusetts

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Race and gender significant factor in COVID-19 restore inequality amongst the unemployed

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WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (moment-g.com) - Wednesday to be Connecticut Day in ~ The large E and also over 30,000 people crowded the fairgrounds.

In total, 37,242 fairgoersattendedThe big E, according to a spokesperson for the Eastern says Exposition.

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (moment-g.com) - perform you understand or recognize the man in the photo above?

The Longmeadow Police room is seek the man’s identity in link with a larceny investigation.

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LUDLOW, Mass. (moment-g.com) - A motor automobile accident has closed part of facility Street in Ludlow late Wednesday night. 

Just ~ 11:40 p.m., the Ludlow Police department said center Street is closedfromMiller Street come Church Street while crewsassistwith the automobile vs. Pole crash.It"sunclear if anyone to be seriously injured.

Community foundation of west Massachusetts elevating funds for those in need during COVID-19 outbreak

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