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Jack Wagner is a well-known American actor and singer who has showed up on the soap operas General Hospital, Santa Barbara, The Bold and the Beautiful, and also Melrose Place.

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Wagner was born in the Missouri town of Washington. That was raised as a Catholic and also played football and basketball at St. Gertrude's parochial school and St. Francis Borgia local High school in his hometown. He spent one year in ~ the university of Missouri, then went to junior college before enrolling in the college of Arizona, where he tried out for the golf team and the drama department. The drama department offered him a complete scholarship.


After a few short stints on cable television, Jack landing the function of Frisco Jones top top the soap opera basic Hospital in 1983. Although Wagner to be a talented musician and played the guitar because the period of fourteen, his early stage tryouts for the duty of Frisco Jones did not include any kind of singing. Wagner finished up auditioning because that the duty five times, and also in his final audition, that performed the Kenny Loggins track "Wait a tiny While."

Wagner play a role in 1983-1987, 1989-1991, 1994-95, and again in 2013. Jack play the husband function of a super couple in tandem through the actress Kristina Wagner. In 1985 Wagner to be nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award because that "Best Younger Actor" for his job-related on general Hospital. Jack was nominated for a Daytime Emmy compensation again in 2005 for "Best lead Actor" for the soap opera "The Bold and also the Beautiful."

Through his relations at ABC, Wagner linked with the esteemed record producer Quincy Jones who oversaw Jack's early stage five-song expanded play titled "All ns Need." American Bandstand, hard Gold, spirit Train, and also The Merv Griffin Show revealed Jack's to sing talents.

Jack has actually recorded 6 musical albums, including 1984's All i Need, 1985's Lighting up the Night, 1987's Don't give Up your Day Job, 1993's Alone in the Crowd, 2005's dance in the Moonlight, and 2014's ~ above the Porch.

Personal Life

Jack got married to Kristina Wagner in 1993. Throughout the marriage, they have filed because that divorce twice. They ultimately got separated in 2006. In 2007, Jack got engaged to heather Locklear. Wagner said that his affair v Heather was the second priority and also his parenting to be the foremost priority. Saying the he want to concentrate on being a good father, Jack damaged his marriage engagement through Heather in 2011. Wagner additionally has a daughter native a previous relationship, his girlfriend to be pregnant and also gave bear to a girl, but she offered her up for adoption. Jack make the efforts to track his daughter but was unable. After ~ 23 years of life apart, Kerry, his daughter, was successful in tracking Jack down.

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Kristina initiated their marital relationship separation due to the constant cheating by her husband. The sources close come the pair said that it was a large surprise the Kristina can put up through Jack's philandering ways and all his an enig relationships because that so plenty of years. Jack knew Kristina once she to be married to her very first spouse. Sources said that they did not have actually a close connection until after Kristina was Robert Malandro's wife. After Kristina's very first marriage dissolved, Jack and also Kristina began an intimate relationship. Back Wagner was in a relationship with actress Liza Greer at Kristina's divorce, he left Greer to be with Kristina.