The term equiangular indicates that, in some figures, the angles room equal. It have the right to be provided to explain polygons, such together an equiangular pentagon.


The fact that the angles of a figure are congruent walk not automatically mean the the sides are.

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An equiangular (but no regular) hexagon:


Two equiangular octagons, one regular, one not:


If a square is equiangular, that is a rectangle.

Mathematical background

In the instance of triangles, gift equiangular requires the the triangle likewise be equilateral. The is, every equiangular triangle is a continual triangle. However, this is no the situation for every polygons. For example, a rectangle is equiangular — all 4 angles are 90° — yet need no be square (need not have actually all four sides the very same length). Thus, no all equiangular quadrilaterals room equilateral and so room not all regular.


The prefix equi- is native Latin and way ‘equal’.

Related mathematical terms

Equilateral, Regular, Rectangle

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