Is Huey Lewis A terrorist In die Hard? Confusion defined One that Hans Gruber"s henchmen in Die difficult looks very much prefer singer Huey Lewis, which has led to part fan man over the years.

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does singer Huey Lewis yes, really play among the terrorists in Die Hard - here"s where the confusion stems from. There"s a long-standing rumor Die Hard started life together a sequel to Commando, the 1985 Arnold Schwarzenegger shoot-em-up. While an unused sequel manuscript did function Arnie"s man Matrix fighting a bunch of poor guys in a building, it had actually nothing to do with Die Hard. Die Hard is actually an adaptation of the novel Nothing big Forever through Roderick Thorpe. The publication was a sequel to his novel The Detective, which was adjusted into a movie certification Frank Sinatra in 1968. A contract clause intended Sinatra was available the lead role in Die Hard first, yet he conveniently passed.

Die Hard is actually a quite close adaptation the the initial book, featuring many of the exact same setpieces and also characters. The novel is a lot much more downbeat, however, and appears to end with the main character dice of his wounds ~ failing to save his daughter. For Die Hard the personality of john McClane to be made lot younger, and it to be his wife Holly he had to rescue. Actors such as Burt Reynolds and also even Schwarzenegger rotate the movie down till Bruce Willis was hired based off his job-related in Moonlighting.

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Die Hard became an instant classic thanks come its great screenplay, casting, and action sequences. It likewise spawned a long-running franchise, through Willis collection to return for planned sixth movie McClane, which will be a prequel/sequel. The movie"s key villain Hans Gruber was played through the late, good Alan Rickman, which to be shockingly his first movie role after year of TV and stage work. Hans likewise has a memorable supporting group of thieves, including vengeful Karl and sarcastic hacker Theo. One of the last enduring henchmen is Eddie, that fronts the reception in ~ Nakatomi Plaza to make it show up everything is regular inside.

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Eddie bear a passing same to singer Huey Lewis (Back to The Future), which has actually led part fans to just assume it in reality is "The i know good To be Square" singer. That"s no the case, however, since Eddie is actually played by gibbs Dennis Hayden. Hayden also appeared in Action Jackson v Carl Weathers (Rocky), in enhancement to Walter Hill movies like Another 48 Hrs and also Wild Bill. It can"t be denied Hayden and Lewis have a strong resemblance to one another but that"s whereby the link ends.

Huey Lewis himself has acknowledged this with a fun guest voice illustration in The Cleveland Show illustration "Die Semi-Hard," which was a love tribute come Die Hard. In the illustration itself, Lewis voices a parody that Eddie literally credited as "Guy that Looks choose Huey Lewis."