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Craving some high quality Mexican rapid food, yet realizing it’s a holiday? You might want to recognize whether Chipotle is open up on brand-new Years night and brand-new Years Day. You’ll be happy to recognize the answer is yes.

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Chipotle closed a bit early – in ~ 8 p.m. – on brand-new Years night to kick turn off the brand-new year. They are open throughout their regular business hours on brand-new Years Day, according to a statement detailed to

You’ll additionally be happy to understand Chipotle has actually kicked turn off its complimentary delivery bowl! The transaction is simply in time because that college football season. And, come sweeten the deal, you have the right to get totally free delivery through January 6, 2020.

Here’s what you must know:

Chipotle Closed early on on new Years night & will Be open up Regular business Hours new Years Day


— Chipotle (
ChipotleTweets) December 23, 2019

On Tuesday, December 31, 2019, or brand-new Years Eve, all Chipotle shop in the united States and Canada closed early. They locked your doors in ~ 8 p.m., so those wanting an evening bite had to move quickly.

However, on brand-new Years Day, Chipotle is open during its normal organization hours in all stores nationwide. So, if you’re craving a key or any type of other tasty Chipotle treats, girlfriend won’t be shut out. Chipotle will be offer up that delicious burrito bowls, burritos, chips and also salsa and more all day.

Chipootle Is Kicking turn off Football Season through Deals top top Delivery and Bowls

? Get cost-free delivery all bowl Season + we might pay your delivery fees on ANYTHING—gifts, cars, whatever.

Rules:1. Reply w/ a pic of her receipt reflecting the delivery fee +
venmo name2. Use #ChipotleFreeDelivery & #ContestTerms:,

— Chipotle (
ChipotleTweets) December 18, 2019

College football season is kicking off just in time for the brand-new year. So if you’ve got burrito bowls on her mind on new Years Day, your timing is on point.

Free shipment Interception means that in addition to complimentary delivery for orders over $10 until January 6, 2020 and also on January 13, Chipotle pan can go into for a chance for Chipotle come pay shipment fees on other items.

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“In enhancement to receiving complimentary delivery top top qualifying Chipotle orders, fans can likewise participate in Chipotle’s cost-free Delivery Interception. Chipotle shipment from last summer? expedited shipping ~ above last-minute holiday gifts? delivery on a California king mattress from college? Chipotle is in position and ready come intercept those fees,” a press release said. “Reply come Chipotle’s tweet utilizing #ChipotleFreeDelivery and #Contest through a picture of your receipt and also your Venmo handle, and Chipotle might just choose up that shipment fee too.”

If you location an order because that delivery, you could be shocked how conveniently it arrives at her door. Chipotle’s shipment speed is one of the more quickly in the industry, with an average delivery time under 30 minutes, the press release said.

“With our 2nd season of the Chipotle free Delivery Bowl, we’re proceeding to assist fans victory off the field throughout bowl season v Chipotle delivery,” claimed Chris Brandt, chief Marketing Officer of Chipotle, follow to the push release. “We’re excited to it is in the just bowl you have the right to actually eat, which means fans can score whether your team is bowl-bound or not.”