Grades reflect a particular level the mastery of a subject, however many other important determinants are often overlooked. 


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I research hard. I have actually straight A’s.

Do I have actually a 4.0 GPA? No.

Due come the plus/minus grading system, this is a frustration countless University of Georgia college student face.

This illogical system, until changed, will be a ache in the side because that each overachieving college student at UGA who covets the fascinating 4.0. The plus/minus grading device is irrational due to its inclusion of one A- and the exemption of one A+. Let me describe my – and everyone else’s – issue.

While professors manage where every plus or minus cut off begins, a typical grading scale, the one ns will usage throughout this article, follows this pattern: A = 100-93, A- = 92.9-90, B+ = 89.9-87, B = 86.9-83 and so on.

Here is the situation: a college student receives an 89 and is rewarded with a 3.30 GPA rather of the usual 3.00 GPA. An additional student receive a 90 and is punished through a 3.70 GPA rather than the usual 4.00 GPA. It is daunting to receive above a 90 in any type of class. So, why punishment a student who works hard and also receives a 90? Why prize a student that receives one 89?

If a student effectively understands and applies 90 percent of a course’s product through tests, projects and also presentations, that student must be rewarded with a 4.0.

I take it an accountancy class wherein every test concern counted as 1.2 percent that the all at once grade. Suspect a student received a 100 top top all various other assignments, a student was just able come miss five questions to obtain an A in the class. The 6th missed inquiry results in one A-.

Many students address issues such as poorly-worded questions, punching the not correct number in the calculator, filling in the dorn answer bubble and that one question related to something friend missed once the class was relocating too quickly.

Stack this potential troubles on height of various other student stresses: internships, jobs, balancing a social life, financial struggles and also having four other classes.

Once every angles space put into perspective, girlfriend see exactly how students are balancing on a thin wire. For this reason why punish the student who successfully well balanced all these struggles and came the end the various other side with a 90?

Reward the student through what he or she deserves – a 4.0.

Simply since a student received a 92.9 class grade does not mean he or she is a trivial 3.70 college student while a student v a 93 class grade is a superb 4.0 student.

In might of 2006, the University adjusted from its level grade scale (A = 4.0, B = 3.0…) come the plus/minus grade scale with three reasons in mind, follow to a plus/minus solutions paper by Ashley Casey and also Andrew Singleton.

The first was to far better distinguish students within every letter grade. This provides sense, to some degree. A college student receiving an 89 clearly outperformed a student receiving an 80. However, this is not the situation when one 87, a B+, supposedly outperforms one 86, a B.

The 2nd was come motivate student to job-related harder to prevent the hinderance of a minus grade. However, the minus grade just negatively affects those who operated hard, but could not achieve the last allude that would rise their GPA.

The 3rd was so the college could better emulate that peers, which had already adopted the plus/minus system. This greatly was successful, yet is difficult to achieve, as there are numerous grading scale at neighboring universities – part which include an A+, D+ and D-.

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It appears the University’s thinking for installing the plus/minus system has actually failed to accomplish its purposes; instead, the mechanism is simply deflating grades as hundreds of potential A’s are becoming A-’s.