I acquired my hand on a tiny brand-new Apple iPod Shuffle, second generation, and also it’s amazingly cool, yet I’m a little baffled by what all the various flashing fads mean. Is this some type of Morse code or something? Help!

I have actually one the these small gems as well — really, it’s no bigger than a publication of matches and stores a gig the music. What’s not to love? — and also it’s the an initial iPod i have owned that didn’t have a screen screen, so I as well am learning exactly how to review the tiny little colored irradiate to figure things out.Here’s a picture to do you salivate and also think about why you can just need a second iPod because that Christmas:

Okay, well, ns don’t want to it is in a shill because that Apple (I mean, heck, I had actually to buy my Shuffle, therefore it’s not prefer they’re sponsoring this in any way!