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The rectangle-shaped coordinate system is likewise known together the Cartesiancoordinate system after Rene Descartes.

The rectangle-shaped coordinate device is based upon a grid, and every suggest on the aircraft can be identified by distinct x and y coordinates, simply as any suggest on the planet can be established by providing its latitude and also longitude.



Locations top top the grid space measured relative to a resolved point, called the origin, and also are measured follow to the distance follow me a pair the axes.

The x and y axes are as with the number line, through positive distances to the ideal and an adverse to the left in the instance of the x axis, and positive distances measured upwards and an adverse down for the y axis.

Any displacement away from the origin deserve to be created by moving a specified distance in the x direction and then another distance in the ydirection.

Think that it together if you were offering directions to someone by saying something choose "go 3 blocks East and also then 2 blocks North."

Coordinates, Graphing Points

We clues the place of a point by first giving the x coordinate (the left or appropriate displacement indigenous the origin), and then the y coordinate (the up or under displacement indigenous the origin). Thus, every point on the airplane can be established by a pair of numbers (x,y), dubbed its coordinates.



Sometimes we just want to recognize what general component of the graph we are talking about. The axes normally divide the aircraft up into quarters. We call these quadrants, and number them indigenous one to four. An alert that the numbering starts in the upper ideal quadrant and also continues approximately in the counter–clockwise direction. Notice also the each quadrant have the right to be determined by the unique mix of confident and an adverse signs because that the collaborates of a allude in the quadrant.


The rectangular coordinate system, also called the Cartesian name: coordinates system or the x–y name: coordinates system is presented above.

Notice the the rectangular coordinate system is composed of 4 quadrants, a horizontal axis, a vertical axis, and also the origin. The horizontal axis is usually referred to as the x–axis, and the vertical axis is usually referred to as the y–axis. The origin is the point where the 2 axes cross.


Plot every of the complying with points. A(–3, –1), B(0, 4), and also C(2, 0).


A(–3, –1): from the origin, walk to the left 3 devices then down 1 unit.

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Climate plot the point.