2) The "atomic number" of an atom is established by the number of ________ the has.

A) proton + neutron

B) neutron C) proton D) electrons E) proton + electrons

3) The "atomic weight" of one atom mirrors the average variety of

A) neutrons.

B) proton + neutron + electrons.

C) proton + neutrons. D) protons. E) electrons.

4) One mole of any element

A) has the exact same mass.

B) has actually the same weight. C) has actually the same number of electrons.

D) has actually the same number of atoms. E) all of the answers space correct.

5) The cell core of an atom consists of

A) proton + neutrons.

B) protons. C) proton + electrons.

D) electrons. E) neutrons.

6) isotopes of an aspect differ in the variety of

A) electron in the nucleus.

B) electron in energy shells.

C) neutron in the nucleus.

D) electron clouds. E) protons in the nucleus.

7) The massive number represents the variety of

A) electrons in an ion.

B) neutrons in one atom.

C) proton in one atom.

D) neutrons + electrons.

E) proton + neutrons.

8) The innermost electron covering in an atom holds approximately ________ electrons.

A) 2

B) 8

C) 4

D) 1

E) 6

10) by weight, which facet is the most plentiful in the human being body?

A) oxygen

B) potassium

C) sodium

D) carbon E) sulfur

11) suggest which of this lists contains only trace elements.

A) cobalt, calcium, sodium

B) selenium, hydrogen, calcium

C) sulfur, chlorine, oxygen D) boron, oxygen, carbon E) silicon, fluorine, believe

12) The atom number to represent the number of A) proton in one atom.

B) electrons in one atom. C) neutrons in one atom. D) chemical bonds the atom might form.

E) protons and neutrons in one atom.

13) Helium (He) has an atomic variety of 2. The is chemically stable due to the fact that it

A) readily ionizes to react with other atoms.

B) is neutral in electric charge. C) has a full outer electron shell. D) lacks electrons, thus the the atom is stable. E) will form a covalent link with one more He atom.

14) Which aspect commonly has only a proton as its nucleus?

A) argon

B) helium

C) carbon

D) neon

E) hydrogen

15) through weight, which aspect is the second most abundant in the person body?

A) carbon B) hydrogen

C) calcium

D) oxygen

E) nitrogen

16) The massive of one atom is largely identified by the variety of ________ the has.

A) protons

B) neutron C) proton + neutrons

D) electron E) proton + electrons

17) If one isotope of oxygen has actually 8 protons, 10 neutrons, and also 8 electrons, its mass number is

A) 18.

B) 12.

C) 8.

D) 16.

E) 26.

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18) If an element is created of atoms with an atomic number of 6 and also a mass number of 14, climate a 18) neutral atom that this aspect contains

A) 6 protons.

B) 8 electrons.

C) 8 neutrons.

D) 6 protons and also 8 electrons.

E) 6 protons and also 8 neurons.

19) The molecule NO is known as A) noxious oxide.

B) noxious oxygen.

C) nitrous oxide.

D) nitric oxygen.

E) nitric oxide.

20) The molecule CO2 is recognized as

A) carbon dioxide. B) carbonized oxygen.

C) carbon monoxide.

D) carbon oxide. E) carbonated oxygen.

21) The molecule H2 is known as

A) semi-water.

B) hydroxide.

C) helium.

D) hydrogen. E) hydrohydrogen.

22) when electrons room transferred indigenous one atom to another, and also the 2 atoms unite as a result of the 22) the opposite charges,

A) one ion is formed. B) one ionic link is formed.

C) a molecule is formed.

D) a covalent bond is formed.

E) a hydrogen shortcut is formed.

23) Magnesium atoms have actually two electron in the outermost shell. Together a result, girlfriend would mean magnesium to type ions with a fee of

A) -2. B) -1. C) +2. D) +1. E) one of two people +2 or -2.

24) i m sorry of the following statements around hydrogen binding is false ? A) Hydrogen bonds can form between neighboring molecules.

B) Hydrogen binding can take place within a solitary molecule. C) Hydrogen bonds room responsible for plenty of of the nature of water.

D) Hydrogen binding are crucial for holding large molecules together. E) Hydrogen binding are solid attractive forces in between hydrogen atoms and also negatively charged


26) H2O is an example of a(n)

A) glucose molecule.

B) compound. C) ion. D) ionic formula. E) covalent formula.

28) A dust bit floating on a water surface ar illustrates

A) hydrophilic attraction.

B) surface tension.

C) static electricity.

D) warm capacity. E) chemical tension.

29) In an aqueous solution, cations room attracted toward

A) sodium.

B) salt. C) buffers. D) hydrogen ions.

E) anions.

30) In one aqueous solution, sodium ion would move toward

A) a optimistic terminal.

B) a pH terminal. C) an essential terminal.

D) the bottom. E) a an unfavorable terminal.

31) The chemical behavior of one atom is determined by

A) the size of the atom.

B) the mass of the nucleus. C) the variety of neutrons. D) the outermost electron shell.

E) the number of protons.

32) Ions v a + charge are referred to as

A) isotopes.

B) anions.

C) positrons.

D) radicals.

E) cations.

33) The weakest bond in between two atoms is the ________ bond.

A) covalent

B) hydrogen

C) ionic D) nonpolar

E) polar

34) as soon as atoms finish their outer electron shell by share electrons, they form

A) cations.

B) ionic bonds. C) covalent bonds.

D) hydrogen bonds.

E) anions.

35) Ionic binding are developed when

A) an electron or electrons are completely transferred indigenous one atom to another.

B) a pair of electron is mutual unequally by 2 atoms.

C) atoms share electrons. D) two or more atoms shed electrons at the exact same time. E) hydrogen develops bonds with negatively charged atoms.

36) If a pair of electron is unequally shared in between two atoms, a(n) ________ occurs.

A) polar covalent bond

B) single covalent link

C) hydrogen bond D) double covalent bond

E) triple covalent link

37) elements that have atoms with full outer shells of electrons

A) will certainly normally type anions.

B) will normally form cations.

C) will form many compounds.

D) frequently kind hydrogen bonds.

E) room inert gases.

38) ions in an ionic molecule are hosted together as result of

A) the attraction of similar charges of the ions" protons.

B) the attraction that opposite electric charges. C) the sharing of electrons. D) the presence of water molecules. E) every electron orbiting all of the ion in the molecule.

39) one unequal share of electrons outcomes in what kind of chemical bonds?

A) peptide

B) covalent C) polar covalent

D) ionic E) hydrogen

40) salt (Na) has an atomic number of 11. How plenty of electrons room in the external electron shell of a neutral sodium atom?

A) 4

B) 2

C) 1

D) 3

E) 8

41) Oxygen (atomic number 8) requires just how many additional electrons to fill its outer electron shell?

A) 6

B) 2

C) 1

D) 8

E) 4

42) The formula because that methane gas is CH4. What walk the formula 4CH4 represent?

A) a molecule v 4 carbon atoms B) a molecule v 4 carbon atoms and 16 hydrogen atom C) 4 molecules, each containing a carbon atom and also 4 hydrogen atoms

D) an not natural compound through ionic bond E) 4 molecules, every containing a carbon and also a hydrogen atom

43) In an ionic bond, the electron donor is the ________, vice versa, the electron acceptor is the ________.

A) anion, cation

B) cation, anion

C) acid, basic D) salt, ion E) base, acid

44) In a molecule of nitrogen, three pairs of electron are shared by 2 nitrogen atoms. The kind of bond the is created is an instance of a(n)

A) polar covalent bond.

B) double divalent bond.

C) solitary trivalent bond.

D) triple covalent bond.

E) hydrogen bond.

45) In chemical notation, the symbol Ca2+ way ________.

A) a calcium ion that has actually lost 2 electrons

B) a calcium ion that has acquired two electrons

C) a calcium ion the has obtained two proton

D) a calcium ion that has lost 2 protons E) 2 calcium atoms

46) Magnesium atoms have actually two electrons in the outermost shell and also chlorine atoms have actually seven. The link magnesium chloride would contain

A) 2 magnesium and 1 chlorine. B) 1 magnesium and 2 chlorine. C) 1 magnesium and 1 chlorine. D) 2 magnesium and 7 chlorine. E) impossible to phone call without much more information

47) ab A + B is to decomposition together A + B abdominal is to

A) replacement.

B) exchange.

C) combustion.

D) metabolism.

E) synthesis.

48) The reaction N2 + 3 H2 2 NH3 is an instance of a(n)

A) exchange reaction.

B) synthesis reaction. C) metabolic reaction. D) enzyme reaction. E) decomposition reaction.

49) The reaction A + B + energy abdominal muscle is an instance of a(n)

A) equilibrium reaction.

B) exergonic reaction. C) exchange reaction. D) endergonic reaction. E) decomposition reaction.

50) In hydrolysis reactions, compound react with A) hydrogen, causing decomposition.

B) carbon, resulting in decomposition.

C) water, leading to synthesis. D) glucose, bring about decomposition.

E) water, resulting in decomposition.

51) Which one of the complying with statements is not correct around the reaction H2 + Cl2 2 HCl?

A) H2 and also Cl2 room the reactants.

B) HCl is the product. C) One molecule that hydrogen consists of two atoms.

D) This reaction is conveniently reversible. E) 2 molecules that HCl are developed in the reaction.

52) In dehydration synthetic reactions, compound

A) transform water molecule to hydrogen and oxygen.

B) acquire electrons. C) acquire water molecules.

D) lose water molecules. E) convert hydrogen and also oxygen come water.

53) In the reaction listed below, what coefficient demands to be included to balance the equation?

6 CO2 + 6 H2O C6H12O6 + ________ O2 A) 4

B) 8

C) 10

D) 6

E) 2

54) chemistry reactions that yield energy, such together heat, are said to it is in A) endergonic.

B) activated. C) thermonuclear.

D) exergonic. E) neutral.

55) all of the adhering to are true concerning enzymes, except that castle

A) space proteins.

B) lower the activation energy required for a reaction.

C) affect only the rate of a chemistry reaction. D) function as organic catalysts. E) space consumed throughout the reaction.

56) compound that can be synthesized or damaged down by chemical reactions within the human body are referred to as

A) not natural compounds.

B) metabolites C) nutrients.

D) organic compounds.

E) enzymes.

57) each of the following is an example of an inorganic compound, other than

A) water.

B) bases. C) salts. D) acids. E) carbohydrates.

58) determine which the the following is both an anion and also a compound:

A) Na+

B) HCO3-

C) NaCl

D) Cl-

E) K+

59) Nonpolar organic molecule are great examples the A) molecule that will certainly dissociate when placed into water.

B) hydrophilic compounds.

C) solutes. D) electrolytes. E) hydrophobic compounds.

60) throughout ionization, water molecule disrupt the ionic binding of a salt to develop a mixture the ions. These ions can carry a current and also so are dubbed

A) cations. B) electrolytes.

C) counterions.

D) acids.

E) anions.

61) Oppositely charged ions in solution space prevented from combine by

A) cost-free radicals.

B) hydrogen bonding. C) hydration spheres. D) water"s nonpolar nature.

E) warmth capacity of water.

62) an example of an inorganic substance is

A) glycerol.

B) carbon dioxide. C) fructose. D) water. E) water and carbon dioxide.

63) Hydrophilic molecules readily associate with

A) hydrophobic molecules.

B) acids. C) salts. D) water molecules.

E) lipid molecules.

64) which of the adhering to statements about water is no correct?

A) It consists of hydrogen bonds.

B) that is composed of polar molecules. C) that is responsible for much of the fixed of the human being body.

D) It deserve to dissolve plenty of substances. E) It has a reasonably low warm capacity.

65) Which home of water helps keeps human body temperature stabilized?

A) lubrication

B) thermal inertia

C) kinetic energy

D) reactivity E) surface ar tension

66) that the perform below, which has the highest concentration the hydroxide ions?

A) pH 7

B) pH 1

C) pH 2

D) pH 10

E) pH 14

68) A(n) ________ clears hydrogen ions and a(n) ________ release hydrogen ions.

A) base; mountain B) compound; aspect

C) molecule; acid

D) element; link

E) acid; base

69) An overabundance of hydrogen ions in the body fluids have the right to have deadly results due to the fact that this deserve to

A) break chemical bonds.

B) disrupt tissue functions. C) change body fluid pH. D) change the shape of large facility molecules, calculation them nonfunctional.

E) every one of the answers are correct.

70) A equipment containing same numbers of hydrogen ions and also hydroxide ions is

A) basic.

B) acidic. C) in equilibrium.

D) neutral. E) alkaline.

71) The chemistry notation that suggests concentration is represented as

A) < >.

B) .

C) ||.

D) .

E) ().

72) If a substance has actually a pH that is higher than 7, it is A) a buffer.

B) alkaline.

C) a salt.

D) acidic.

E) neutral.

76) i beg your pardon of the following substances would be most acidic?

A) white wine, pH = 3

B) tomato juice, pH = 4 C) lemon juice, pH = 2 D) urine, pH = 6 E) stomach secretions, pH = 1

77) the the adhering to choices, the pH the the the very least acidic solution is

A) 1.0.

B) 4.5.

C) 12.0.

D) 6.0.

E) 2.3.

78) Which has actually the greater concentration of hydrogen ions, a substance v a pH the 5 or a problem 78) through a pH that 4?

A) A pH the 4 is greater. B) A pH the 5 is greater. C) They space both equal; 4 and also 5 are family member values.

D) pH 9, if you mixed the solutions. E) over there is not enough information come determine.

79) In the body, inorganic compounds

A) are structural components of cells.

B) are metabolized for cellular energy.

C) can make up proteins. D) space made native organic compounds.

E) have the right to serve together buffers.

80) When placed in water, an inorganic compound dissociates 99 percent, developing hydrogen ions and also anions. This compound would be

A) a solid base.

B) a weak base.

C) a weak acid.

D) a salt. E) a solid acid.

81) once a tiny amount of HCl or NaOH is added to a solution of Na2HPO4, the pH the the systems barely changes. Based upon these observations, all of the adhering to are true worrying the link Na2HPO4, except

A) Na2HPO4 is able to donate hydrogen ions to the OH- native NaOH. B) Na2HPO4 adsorbs excess H+ and OH- directly onto the surface ar of that crystalline structure.

C) Na2HPO4 is a salt formed from reacting a strong base through a weak acid.

D) Na2HPO4 acts as a buffer.

E) Na2HPO4 is able to expropriate extra hydrogen ions from the HCl.

B) Na2HPO4 adsorbs excess H+ and also OH- directly onto the surface of its crystalline structure.

82) Carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins are classified as

A) acids.

B) essential molecules.

C) not natural molecules.

D) salts. E) bases.

B) organic molecules.

83) A functional team is best described together reoccurring swarm of

A) amino mountain in a globular protein.

B) elements that happen in a salt. C) atom that duty in the body. D) atom that significantly influence the chemical properties of molecule they are part of.

E) elements that kind at high pH.

D) atom that considerably influence the chemistry properties of molecule they are component of.

84) synthetic sweeteners

A) are inorganic sugar substitutes. B) are constantly some form of carbohydrate.

C) space usually not damaged down by the body.

D) room naturally comparable to sugars. E) carry out the same number of calories together an identical amount of sucrose.

C) space usually not broken down through the body.

85) furustos is

A) a hexose.

B) a carbohydrate. C) found in male reproductive fluids.

D) an isomer of glucose. E) every one of the answers space correct.

E) every one of the answers are correct.
86) molecule that have actually the same molecular formula however different structural recipe are dubbed A) isozymes.

B) isomoles.

C) isotypes.

D) isomers.

E) isotopes.

D) isomers.

87) The most vital metabolic fuel molecule in the body is

A) vitamins.

B) glucose.

C) caffeine.

D) sucrose.

E) protein.

B) glucose.

88) A polysaccharide the is formed in liver and muscle cell to save glucose is

A) lactose.

B) sucrose.

C) cellulose.

D) glycogen.

E) fructose.

D) glycogen.

89) The group of organic compounds include carbon, hydrogen, and also oxygen in a close to 1:2:1 ratio is characterized as a

A) carbohydrate.

B) protein. C) lipid.

D) main point acid.

E) saturated fat.

A) carbohydrate.

90) an example of an organic substance is:

A) carbonic mountain

B) sucrose C) nitric oxide D) oxygen E) salt chloride

B) sucrose

91) Carbohydrate molecule

A) space composed of C, H, O, and N atoms. B) type the regulatory molecules well-known as enzymes. C) save the hereditary information uncovered in cells.

D) are the structure blocks of moving membranes. E) space the body"s most readily available resource of energy.

E) room the body"s most readily available resource of energy.

92) once two monosaccharides undergo a dehydration synthesis,

A) a disaccharide is formed.

B) two brand-new monosaccharides space formed.

C) hydrolysis occurs. D) a polysaccharide is formed. E) a strength is formed.

A) a disaccharide is formed.

93) come bond 2 monomers together, a molecule the water must be ________ to/from from monomers. This process is referred to as ________.

A) added; ionization B) added; hydrolysis C) removed; dehydration synthetic

D) removed; crenation

E) added; denaturation

C) removed; dehydration synthesis

94) Lipids

A) cushion organs against shocks.

B) provide a significant energy reserve. C) aid to keep body temperature. D) type essential structural materials of cells.

E) every one of the answers room correct.

E) every one of the answers are correct.

95) A fatty mountain that has two or more twin covalent binding is said to it is in

A) hydrogenated.

B) carboxylated. C) polyunsaturated.

D) monounsaturated.

E) saturated.

C) polyunsaturated.

96) Alaska Natives have actually a reduced incidence that heart condition even though their diets are high in fat and cholesterol. This might be because of the big amount of ________ in their diets.

A) vitamin B) omega-3 fatty acids

C) triglythrade

D) prostaglandin

E) oleic acid

B) omega-3 fatty acids

97) i beg your pardon of the following is/are necessary to form a triglyceride molecule?

A) 1 glycerol molecule

B) 3 glycerol molecules and also 3 fatty acid molecules

C) 3 fatty acid molecules D) 3 glycerol molecules E) 3 fatty mountain molecules and also 1 glycerol molecule

E) 3 fatty mountain molecules and 1 glycerol molecule

98) A shortage that steroids in the body would result in a shortage of

A) sex hormones. B) sex hormones and also plasma membranes.

C) plasma membranes.

D) glycogen.

E) proteins.

B) sex hormones and also plasma membranes.

99) most of the fat discovered in the person body is in the form of

A) cholesterol.

B) prostaglandins.

C) triglycerides. D) monoglycerides.

E) phospholipids.

C) triglycerides.

100) Lipids the are created by virtually every organization in the body and act as neighborhood regulators room the

A) phospholipids.

B) monoglycerides.

C) glycolipids. D) steroids. E) prostaglandins.

E) prostaglandins.

101) Cholesterol, phospholipids, and also glycolipids are instances of

A) prostaglandins.

B) lipid drugs. C) structure lipids.

D) dietary fats. E) steroids.

C) structural lipids.

102) A fatty acid with no dual bonds in between carbon atoms is

A) saturated.

B) dehydrated. C) denatured. D) unsaturated. E) polyunsaturated.

A) saturated.

103) Lipids are composed of fatty acids and also

A) amino acids.

B) monosaccharides.

C) sugars. D) glycerol. E) polypeptides.

D) glycerol.

104) The monomers the protein room A) glucose.

B) fat acids. C) amino acids.

D) nitrogen base.

E) nucleotides.

C) amino acids.

105) Substrate molecules tie to enzyme at the ________ sites.

A) amino

B) carboxyl

C) neutral

D) energetic

E) reactant

D) active

106) you would mean a peptide link to link

A) two an easy sugars. B) a peptide and a fatty acid.

C) two amino acids.

D) a sugar and also a peptide.

E) two nucleotides.

C) two amino acids.

107) every amino mountain differs from one more in the

A) dimension of the amino group.

B) number of peptide bond in the molecule.

C) nature that the side chain. D) number of central carbon atoms. E) number of carboxyl groups.

C) nature the the next chain.

108) The term ________ method each enzyme catalyzes only one type of reaction.

A) activation

B) saturation C) specificity D) inertia E) monoreactive

C) specificity

109) A next chain on one amino acid is sometimes referred to as ________.

A) nucleic acid

B) a polypeptide chain

C) fibrous or globular

D) an R team E) one isozyme

D) an R group

110) The alpha-helix and also pleated paper are instances of ________ protein structure.

A) primary

B) tertiary C) quaternary

D) pentanary

E) an additional

E) secondary

111) Interaction between individual polypeptide chain to form a protein complicated is ________ structure.

A) tertiary

B) primary C) quaternary

D) an additional

E) pentagonal

C) quaternary

112) Glycoproteins and proteoglycans space combinations that amino acids and

A) carbohydrates.

B) main point acids. C) lipids. D) fatty acids. E) not natural compounds.

A) carbohydrates.
113) i beg your pardon of the complying with is the symbol because that an amino group? A) - COOH B) - oh C) - AMO

D) -PO3

E) -NH2

E) -NH2

114) The maximum price of an enzyme reaction wake up at

A) hydrolysis.

B) reversible. C) dehydration. D) synthesis. E) saturation limit.

E) saturation limit.
115) how would the lack of a cofactor because that an enzyme influence that enzyme"s function? A) The enzyme would function much more quickly.

B) The enzyme would function much more slowly. C) The enzyme would certainly cease to role after getting to a maximum rate.

D) The enzyme"s function would not be altered.

E) The enzyme would not be able to function.
E) The enzyme would not have the ability to function.

116) an example of one organic substance is:

A) lipid

B) lipid, main point acid, and protein

C) lipid and protein D) nucleic mountain E) protein

B) lipid, nucleic acid, and protein

117) molecule that save and process genetic info are the

A) steroids.

B) nucleic acids.

C) carbohydrates.

D) lipids. E) proteins.

B) main point acids.

118) one amino mountain is come a protein together ________ is to a main point acid.

A) a purine

B) a neutron

C) a protein D) a proton E) a nucleotide

E) a nucleotide

119) A nucleotide is composed of A) a five-carbon sugar and phosphate group.

B) a five-carbon sugar, a nitrogenous base, and a phosphate group.

C) a five-carbon sugar and a nitrogenous base. D) a phosphate group and also a nitrogenous base. E) a five-carbon sugar and an amino acid.

B) a five-carbon sugar, a nitrogenous base, and a phosphate group.

120) according to the rule of complementary base pairing in nucleic acids, cytosine would certainly pair v the basic

A) adenine.

B) cytosine.

C) uracil.

D) guanine.

E) thymine.

D) guanine.

121) Adenine and also guanine space

A) pyrimidines represented by T and C. B) purines represented by A and G. C) nucleotides represented by A and G.

D) pyrimidines stood for by A and G. E) purines stood for by T and also C.

B) purines represented by A and also G.

122) The framework of RNA differs from DNA in that A) the backbone of RNA has ribose.

B) RNA has purines but not pyrimidines.

C) DNA consists of purines but not pyrimidines.

D) RNA includes pyrimidines however not purines.

E) DNA has pyrimidines however not purines.

A) the backbone of RNA has ribose.

123) The most abundant high-energy link in cells is


B) adenosine diphosphate. C) adenosene monophosphate.

D) adenosine triphosphate. E) DNA.

D) adenosine triphosphate.

124) A high-energy bond in ATP is present A) between the 2nd and 3rd phosphate group.

B) between adenine and also ribose. C) between the an initial and second phosphate group. D) between adenine and also a phosphate group. E) in between phosphate groups 1 and 2 and also between phosphate groups 2 and also 3.

E) between phosphate groups 1 and 2 and also between phosphate teams 2 and also 3.

125) The phosphorylation of adenosine forms A) 2ATP.


C) ribose.




126) recognize the product developed from the phosphorylation of ADP.

A) adenosene triphosphate

B) adenine C) deoxyribonucleic mountain

D) ribose E) adenosene diphosphate

A) adenosene triphosphate

127) AMP + ns A) DNA




E) adenin


128) The typical time in between synthesis and break down is well-known as the ________ time.

A) catabolism

B) specificity

C) sales

D) line

E) anabolism

C) turnover

129) Muscle proteins are destroyed after 17 days and then replaced. This is an example of

A) specificity. B) metabolic turnover.

C) disease.

D) surveillance. E) surface tension.

B) metabolic turnover.

130) Continuous break down and replacement of cellular molecules is termed

A) anabolic turnover.

B) metabolic turnover.

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C) catabolic turnover.

D) essential chemistry

E) metabolism.

B) metabolic turnover.
131) A(n) ________ is a pure substance composed of atoms of only one kind.
132) The facility of an atom is referred to as the ________.


133) electron whirl around the facility of the atom in ~ high speed, forming a(n) ________.

electron cloud

134) electron in an atom accounting an orderly series of electron shells or ________.

energy levels

135) The actual fixed of one atom is known as the ________ ________.

atomic load

136) atoms of the same element whose nuclei save the same variety of protons, but different numbers of neutrons, are dubbed ________.


137) The ________ of a radioactive problem is the time compelled for 50 percent the a given amount the radioisotope come decay.


138) Ions with a positive charge are dubbed ________.


139) Ions through a negative charge are called ________.


140) Kinetic energy is stored together ________ power when a feather is stretched.


141) chemical reactions the release energy are called ________.


142) chemical reactions the absorb energy are dubbed ________.


143) The three acquainted states of matter are solids, liquids, and also ________.


144) chemical reactions that occur in the human body are sped up by ________.


145) In life cells, complicated metabolic reactions proceed in a collection of steps dubbed a(n) ________.


146) Compounds that contain carbon together the main structural atom are dubbed ________ molecules.


147) link that perform not generally contain carbon as the major structural atom are called ________ molecules.


148) A(n) ________ is a homogeneous mixture comprise a solvent and a solute.


149) Soluble not natural compounds whose services will command an electric current are called ________.


150) molecule that do not readily connect with water are called ________.




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