“I wish I could take away your pain. I wish I might go ago to once you were born and also take you what safe. Far away from every the people whove ache you. (Kiara) you doing that now. (Nykyrian)” — Sherrilyn Kenyon —

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— Nicole Deese

“And at 3am you sit near the home window and wonder if there is magic ... Due to the fact that all you require are some fairies to take your pain far and assist you sleep ... You take it a book to read ... You take it a pen and also a file to compose ... Girlfriend cling on part music that might just do you autumn asleep ... Yet nothing helps ... An additional sleepless night and also all you desire is the dawn to break quickly ...”

— Sanhita Baruah

“I"m T. Thorne Rose and I did the hardTil i wound up dyin in the Zen schoolyardCan"t you view it"s much more important below to use your brainThan to toxicity up your body killin other people"s painYes, it"s various other People"s Pain,That"s a trick you can have missedSo let your Sister Rosie hip you come this little twistThe news, the Blues, the pain, the strain,the lies we"ve heard due to the fact that birthAre just true if we, ourselves, think that"s what life is worthBut when you realize the we are all Queens and also KingsYou"ll drop the death, take a deep breath,and listen life as soon as it singsDon"t obtain lost and washed away like a teardrop in the rainNo abuse of any kind has ever before come to any kind of gainSister T. Thorn rose from the team Goldensealed”

— Doug "Ten" Rose

“If I"m far from friend for an ext than an hour, ns can"t prevent thinking about you. I lug you in my spirit. I pray for you more than ns pray because that myself ... I recognize you don"t believe in fairy tales. But, if friend did, I"d desire to be her knight in glowing armor. You"ve been v so much. Ns don"t want to view you ache anymore. Now I might not have the ability to give girlfriend all that your supplied to. But I do know I can love you previous your pain. I don"t desire you come worry around anything. You just wake up in the morning, that"s all you have to do and also I"ll take it it from there ... There"s one problem ... You have to be mine wife”

— Tyler Perry

“Levi smiled at her. Your heart is aching now, I deserve to see that. I know what the feels like. The only thing I deserve to say to shot and do it far better is to use that pain. Take every emotion you have right now, pour it right into your soul and then pour your soul right into the song. Doesn"t take the pains away, but it offers it purpose. Make sense?”

— Lexxie Couper

“The difficulty here is that you think love will take every the pains away, choose it does for personalities in a book. It"s no that easy, Stephen, and not the simple; despite all her bards and also how much we"d like that to be true. It isn"t. Love isn"t walk to resolve me, or you. It"s no a laxative that simply helps friend shit out all the crap you"d quite forget.”

— Brandon Shire

“Yes and also no. I thought probably there can be other more, but I couldn"t deny that ns still want you in the dirtiest ways." the ran his thumb follow me the seam of mine jeans. "Then i watched girlfriend crumble. I never ever expected girlfriend to get that contact from the doctor and watching you break made me view a whole other next of you. I desire to be her knight in shining armor. Come take far the pain. I"ve never felt favor this before and also whatever we have, ns don"t want to lose it. I don"t care if it"s just beginning and may be the many fucked up thing. I just want to offer it a try. For this reason please contact me?”

— Magan Vernon

“I know you love just how I do it all walk away: every the joy, all the pain, every thoughts in your brain.For the price of your soul, ns will organize your love in my talons. For three summers directly you"ve to be my sweet eye candy;and no one will ever, ever, take you far from me.”

— to speak Anything, Skinny mean Man

“Unfortunately, it"s true: time does heal. That will do so whether you favor it or not, and there"s nothing anyone have the right to do about it. If you"re not careful, time will certainly take away everything that ever before hurt you, everything you have ever before lost, and replace it through knowledge. Time is a machine: it will transform your pain into experience. Raw data will certainly be compiled, will be translated into a much more comprehensible language. The individual events of her life will be transmuted into one more substance dubbed memory and also in the mechanism something will be lost and also you will certainly never be able to reverse it, girlfriend will never ever again have the initial moment earlier in the uncategorized, preprocessed state. The will pressure you to move on and you will certainly not have a selection in the matter.”

— Charles Yu

“You it is in happy, Elizabeth. Simply be happy. If girlfriend go and feel sorry for yourself, or if you dwell on what has happened, if you hold on to her pain, that is allowing him to steal much more of her life away. Therefore don"t you do that! Don"t friend let him! there is no means that that deserves that. Not one an ext second of her life. You save every 2nd for yourself. You keep them and also be happy. God will take treatment of the rest.”

— Elizabeth Smart

“You space entitled to feel all the bitterness and also hatred you to be taught. You room entitled to lug with girlfriend the pain and sorrow, the longing and disappointment. They will happily accompany you v life. Claim them if girlfriend will, but remember they room greedy, and also their requirements are many. You should be ready to salary the price castle require.""The price?"Nasnana sobered and nodded. "Yes. Over there is constantly a price. Tiny by little these companions will certainly steal away her joy, your tranquility of mind, her contentment. They will certainly take your really heart and turn it to stone.”

— Tracie Peterson

“Abruptly. "That"s the method it constantly is. People hurt you and also walk everywhere you. They lie to you and betray you, and also then v those two small words, they expect it have to all in which method be wiped indigenous the slate. As if I"m sorry had some type of magical powers to take far the pain." ... I recognize your faith says you"re claimed to forgive people when they ask for it, yet I think that"s malarkey. Why give absolution to someone when they"re just seeking forgiveness to lull their very own conscience ? they don"t treatment that what they"ve done has permanently scarred you. Castle don"t treatment that they"ve plunder you of all security." ... Once pressed because that a factor for their actions or when dealing with the consequences, people are suddenly ever so sorry and also apologetic ." She looked at Jana, yet Jana was certain she didn"t check out her. Her mommy was a million miles away. "Consequences don"t just go away. They aren"t suddenly dissolved just since forgiveness has been desired or given.”

— Tracie Peterson

“The pain of her loss will return. Less, but still considerable. I know you"ve operated hard to release it, but it have the right to still take hold of you. I will assist you sing away the fury, yet I will certainly not bear it because that you.”

— Alex Bledsoe

“I"m sorry. I median it too. I"m i m really sorry for your pain and also I"m sorry the you"re having a difficult time best now. I guess ... If life was simple there would certainly be no point. Friend aren"t going to find all the answers you"re in search of straight away. It will probably take a while. Ns think the vital is come keep relocating until you realize what"s appropriate for you. Don"t provide up, don"t put your life on hold, and also don"t rise forward right into the darkness. Just be you. Since really ... What else have the right to you be?”

— Alysha Speer

“Search her heart. He"s there, Kate. You have the right to ignore Him, shot to run and also hide indigenous Him, even convince yourself that He"s not there, yet He promised us that that would never leave or forsake us." the tipped his head to the side. "Kind of like how you promised no to leaving Maggie once she was going v labor. Maggie still had actually to go with it. You couldn"t take she pain away, but you were there to hold her hand, to encourage her, to make sure she knew she wasn"t alone, and also when that was all said and also done, miscellaneous beautiful came out that what she endured.”

— Jen Stephens

“Don"t let your thoughts operation away with you, don"t begin planning to bail out due to the fact that you"re worried about the future and also how lot you can take. Don"t look front to the pain. Just acquire through the day,”

— Marcus Luttrell

“He knew how to manage pain. You had to lie down with pain, no draw ago away from it. Friend let yourself type of move approximately the outside edge that pain prefer with cold water until you finally got up your nerve to take yourself in hand. Climate you take it a deep breath and also dove in and let yourself sink under it clean to the bottom. And also after you had actually been under inside pain a when you discovered that like with cold water it to be not virtually as cold as you had actually thought that was once your muscles were cringing themselves away from the outside edge the it together you moved around it do the efforts to gain up her nerve. He knew pain.”

— James Jones

“Are you close to your family?"I considered it. "Close" was one way of placing it. "We"re close," I stated cautiously. "But we"re very mean to every other. This morning ns told mine mum that if she didn"t prevent acting old i was going come lobby for a law on euthanasia, so a bus would certainly come ring every Monday morning and take away every the old civilization who complained that they couldn"t listen the telly or check out the buttons on their mobile phone call or that they had a pain in your hip, and put a bullet in their heads. But we"re close.”

— Marian Keyes

“Revenge is finest left come fantasy," Munroe said. "It feels far better there. In actual life you can ultimately learn to address the pain and also trauma, discover to cope on part level, girlfriend know? however you can never drown death, and even if girlfriend think they deserve it, killing doesn"t take away your pain, just puts friend on dangerous ground that can collapse out from beneath you at any kind of time.”

— Taylor Stevens

“It is straightforward to be brushed up away by some overwhelming feeling, therefore it"s useful to remember that any stressful emotion is choose a compassionate alarm clock the says, "You"re caught in the dream." Depression, pain, and also fear are presents that say, "Sweetheart, take it a look at at her thinking best now. You"re life in a story the isn"t true because that you.”

— Byron Katie

“I can pull girlfriend taut, Ashleigh. Like the poems. I can lug you ago together. You room so fucking delicious, Ashleigh. So fucking perfect. I wish I could take this pain far from you, really, i swear ns feel your sadness and it makes me crazy. Do I asking for more information and risk the tears? perform I pretend it"s no happening and also risk you emotion ignored? call me what come do.”

— J.A. Huss

“There is constantly something peaceful and also calming around the beach. The method it permits you to take in that beauty. It"s favor the ocean knows all her deepest, darkest secrets and also thoughts. It doesn"t referee you; instead, in ~ that very moment all the pain and sadness friend feel just drifts away along with the waves.”

— E.L. Montes

“I knew what the felt prefer to have no to speak in who you were together a sexual being. The didn"t just strip away your dignity. It stripped away everything you were: her identity, your self-respect, her pleasure. Since it was all about the satisfied of the other person take, take, taking everything they want from you, even if it to be uncomfortable, or brought about you pain. Even if you died from it, the other person still wouldn"t care, because it was all about them.”

— Jess C. Scott

“It was prefer pressing her thumbnail versus a radiator once it"s really hot and the pains starts and also it makes you desire to cry and the pains keeps hurting also when you take it your thumb away native the radiator.”

— mark Haddon

“If I might take far his pain ... If there was a way to move it from his soul onto mine. I would take it. Without uncertainty I would certainly take that all. Probably that"s just how you understand you love someone. When you actually feel each tear lock cry as if castle were your own. As soon as you feeling each cut, every bruise, every hit as if you"re the one suffering. Ns bled for him.& in turn, he bled for her.Funny, how life comes full circle”

— Rachel van Dyken

“Genuine surrender says, "Father, if this problem, pain, sickness, or situation is required to meet your purpose and also glory in my life or in another"s, please don"t take it it away." This level that maturity does no come easy.”

— stack Warren

“The pleasure of those that injure girlfriend lies in your pain. Because of this they will experience if you take it away their pleasure by not feeling pain.”

— Tertullian

“My mother was the best and most beautiful mrs who ever lived. She to be clean, and good, and always helped "the poor and also needy that cluster round her door," like it claims in the poetry piece, and also there never can have been a factor why God would desire a mrs to endure herself, when she went paris on horseback also dark nights through rain or snow, to doctor various other people"s pain, and when she offered away things like she did-why, I"ve checked out her take a huge piece that meat indigenous the barrel, and a sack of meal, and heaps the apples and also potatoes to lug to Mandy Thomas-when she provided away food by the wagonload at a time, God couldn"t have wanted she to it is in hungry, and yet she to be that an extremely minute nearly crying for food;”

— Gene Stratton-Porter

“If that will give you any type of satisfaction in the end, i still care for you. Either over there is no such thing as love, or words does not typical what I have thought the to typical on plenty of different occasions. It is a emotion without a name, really-better to leaving it at that. So take it and go away and have her fun with it. You understand that we would certainly both be at one another"s throats again one day, as soon as we operation out of usual enemies. We had plenty of fine reconciliations, but were they ever worth the ache that preceded them? recognize that you have won and also that you are the goddess ns worship-for room not praise and spiritual awe a mix of love and also hate, desire and fear?”

— roger Zelazny

“I"m no at tranquility anymore. I just want him like I offered to in the old days. I desire to be eat sandwiches through him. I want to be drinking v him in a bar. I"m tired and also I don"t desire anymore pain. I want Maurice. I want plain corrupt person love. Dear God, you understand I desire to want Your pain, yet I don"t desire it now. Take it it away because that a while and also give it me an additional time.”

— Graham Greene

“Don"t allow them win, Marian. Don"t allow them do you much less than friend are. Don"t permit them take away what method the most to you. Not the household who dismissed your strength and your skills, not the bastards that hurt you-yes, i know about them-and not Luthvian. Don"t allow them win. Fight because that what you want with everything that"s in you." "It"s no the same," Marian cried. "I"m simply a hearth witch and you"re-" "I was a slave!" Lucivar shouted. "A half-breed bastard offered to one court ~ another, wearing that filthy Ring the Obedience to save me submissive. But I wouldn"t submit, ns wouldn"t break, and also I fought earlier with every breath i took. I refused come be less than a Warlord Prince, and I make them deal with me on my terms. No matter how much pain lock inflicted, I offered it back.”

— anne Bishop

“It reminded me of 2nd grade when our teacher claimed each that us had a skeleton inside us; friend know, to hold up your body. I"d been watching part horror flick with witches and also werewolves and also skeletons and also stuff, and it absolutely terrorized me, Lar, since I couldn"t figure out how I was going to obtain away native a monster that live inside me. But Mr. Nak retained at it. So you have the answer. The ain"t about Redmond, it"s about you. Once you come face-to-face v this here Jesse James the a football coach, you tell your pain-in-the-butt cousin, Fear, he deserve to come along if he wants to, yet you"re gonna take treatment of binniss as soon as an" for all, no issue what he does or says, since you"re by God fed up v gettin" jerked around. His visibility ain"t gonna readjust your action one whit.”

— chris Crutcher

“Yes ... Reality Is: life damages but allow God come be your dose the Curable medicine. He will aid you take her pain awayTimothy PinaAuthor”

— Timothy Pina

“No one can take away her pain, for this reason don"t permit anyone take it away your happiness.”

— Mariska Hargitay

“I traction you from your tower, take it away your pain. Display you every the beauty you possess, if you only let yourself believe.”

— sarah McLachlan

“I wish I can take away her pain. I wish I could go ago to once you were born and also take you what safe. Far away from every the civilization who"ve hurt you. (Kiara) You"re doing the now. (Nykyrian)”

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

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“I want world to recognize if lock have any type of hurting in their back, or any kind of tingling or anything prefer that, go see a chiropractor and aid yourself feel better about your body and also take few of that pains away.”

— Jerry Rice

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