Fountainview Academy presents a beautiful quarantine version of the tune ‘I Wanna walk To Heaven,’ composed by stack Metcalf.

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Fountainview Academy is a Christian high school based in southern British Columbia, Canada, i beg your pardon holds province of BC set of education and learning accreditation. Students come below from almost everywhere the world because of that is balanced approach to education.

I wanna go to Heaven, and pick a never-fading flower,From the mountain overlooking the holy place of my God.I wanna go to Heaven, whereby all is light and also glory,How I long to be through Jesus! how I lengthy to be through God!

The bible verses for this song deserve to be found in John 14 : 3 “And if ns go and prepare a ar for you, I will come again, and also receive you unto myself; that whereby I am, there ye may be also. Matthew 5 : 3 “Blessed room the negative in spirit: because that theirs is the kingdom the heaven.”

Some times ns think that I can stay here no longer.I feel very lonely here, for I’ve checked out a better land!Oh! the I had actually wings prefer a dove,Then would I paris away, and be at rest.

I Wanna go To Heaven song story

‘I Wanna To walk To Heaven’ was composed by stack Metcalf in 1981 after reading the first chapter that the book “Early Writings” through Ellen G. White.

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I wanna go to Heaven, i wanna hear the voice that Jesus,“You have washed her robes in my blood, stood stiffly because that my truth.”And as soon as I acquire to sky I’ll actors my crown in ~ Jesus feet!I wanna praise His name forever!He has done so much for me!

He was inspired by the imagery of God’s civilization actually going come heaven, and caught up v her in the wistful quotation native Psalm 55:6 “O that I had wings choose a dove, then would certainly I fly away and also be at rest.”

I wanna walk to Heaven, ns wanna pledge my love come Jesus,“I will certainly gird myself and also serve you, because that you suffered much for me.”And when I get to Heaven ns wanna sit in ~ Jesus’ table!Oh! to eat the fruit of the land,Go ago to planet no more!

Today together the young men and women native the Fountainview Academy sing this song while in isolation due to the novel coronavirus pandemic we space filled through a patience assurance the God has actually prepared a much better place- heaven, for every one of us to go to after all the experiencing ends right here on earth.