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I love you mom in chinese. Just how to say ns love girlfriend in chinese. The literal translation of the english phrase i love girlfriend in mandarin chinese is wǒ ài nǐ 我爱你. Lisa will teach friend some everyday used chinese words in a easy method through this series of videos.

Three ways to say ns love girlfriend in chinese. Contextual translate into of i love you mom into chinese simplified. The photos in the.

discover chinese with lisa 11 discovering chinese is no as an overwhelming as girlfriend think. Human translations v examples. In this video clip i will demonstrate how to compose the chinese personalities 妈妈 mā ma which method mom or mom in english.

Ma wo ai nin. Usually in chinese the topic is always in the beginning of a sentence thus should be choose this. Youll find out three various ways come say i love girlfriend in chinese.

A brush and ink were used to make the character look much more traditional. However this phrase is very serious statements of emotional attachment in chinese and is rarely.


Thus this short article I Love You mom In Chinese

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