How come Say ns Love friend in Thai?

The fast answer is: chan rak ter or ฉันรักเธอ, but I’d recommend analysis further since in context-light language prefer Thai, picking the right words and also sentences depends on who is talking as well as who you are talking to.

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You can click the blue words and also phrases come hear the audio that the Thai indigenous or sentence.

Whether you room studying Thai or just have a far-reaching other the you space trying to impress, you might be interested in learning just how to say i love you in Thai. Even if you nothing go an extremely deep into Thai language, learning quick phrases favor this deserve to really success you part bonus points through your partner.

Aside from just knowing how to use and also pronounce this Thai paragraph correctly, you’ll additionally hear plenty of of lock in Thai songs, Thai soaps and Thai movies.

In enhancement to finding out the different Thai phrases for “I love you,” we’ll likewise introduce some of the an ext common expressions and useful sentences that use words “love” i beg your pardon is “rak” or รัก in Thai language.

Words for ‘I Love You’ in Thai



The most common expression you’ll probably encounter because that “I love you” in Thai throughout all creates of media is ฉันรักเธอ (chan rak ter). ฉัน (chan) is generally used as the primary female pronoun, yet guys usage it in love songs and also sometimes on Thai tv and movies. I don’t recommend utilizing this in actual life, however if you room male as it have the right to sound a tiny silly. You have the right to either fall the pronoun entirely, or use one of the other options below.

One point you will an alert pretty quickly in Thai is the the pronouns (like ‘I’ and also ‘you’) is often dropped.

When in doubt, just pay fist to just how Thai civilization talk to each other (in actual life together opposed to on tv) and copy what lock do. It may take a when sometimes before you can discover the answer, however it’s precious the effort.

ฉันรักเธอ (chan rak ter) – ns love you.

ฉันchanI (primarily used by females)
เธอteryou (intimate); she

Basic Phrases because that “I Love You” in Thai

Choosing the finest phrase isn’t always easy. You’ll probably come throughout these paragraph in textbooks, phrasebooks and other internet sites. I don’t yes, really recommend using them, yet they won’t perform you any harm.

ผมรักคุณphom rak khunI love you. (male speaker)
ฉันรักคุณchan rak khunI love you. (female speaker)

Thai Sentence Pattern: A รัก B

Here’s the simple sentence pattern speak ‘I love you’ in Thai.

“A loves B,” is what you desire to begin with, however choosing the correct pronoun to usage in Thai can be a small complicated. Gender, status, age and relationship all have actually an affect on the words that you need to use to refer to both yourself and to who you room speaking to.

As a learner of the language, you room expected to do mistakes so nothing worry about it also much. It’s a nice soft minefield for this reason you won’t lose any type of limbs. Just keep in mind the the an ext familiar/intimate/close you are with a person, the an ext freedom you’ll need to use the unshened expressions.

In Thai, it’s really common to drop pronouns once it’s apparent who the target is. Fine look at this much more in the following section.

Informal ‘I Love You’ in Thai

Since declaring your love because that someone often tends to it is in a quite informal instance to begin with, I’d really recommend coming to be familiar with the much more informal Thai love paragraph you can use through your partner. Friend can virtually always drop one or both pronouns if that clear who is speak what to who. Girlfriend can additionally do this if you simply aren’t certain which pronoun come use.

รักเธอนะ (rak ter na)
(pee rak ter)

Which Thai pronoun come use?

Are you male?Are girlfriend female?

How to describe Your partner in Thai

ผัวpoo-ahhusband (often used even if not married)
เมียmiawife (often used even if not married)


Bonus Thai Love Phrases

รักผมรึยังrak phom rue yangDo girlfriend love me yet? (male speaker)
รักฉันรึยังrak chan rue yangDo girlfriend love me yet? (female speaker)
รักไม่เป็นrak roof ppenI nothing know exactly how to love.
ตกหลุมรักtok lum rakFall in love (fall-hole-love)
แสดงความรักsa-dang kwaam rakto present or express love

Noun vs verbs in Thai

The word รัก (rak) that us looked at over is going come act as a verb in most cases. In bespeak to kind the noun variation of “love” in Thai, girlfriend just include the indigenous ความ (kwaam) in front of รัก (rak). You’ll use the noun type in sentences where you space talking around the ide or idea that love.

รัก – (rak) to love (verb)Jane
(Jane rak sat) – Janes loves animals.ความรัก (kwaam rak) – love (noun)

Final Thoughts

There room plenty of ways to speak “I love you” in Thai and also this perform is no exhaustive, yet hopefully we’ve given you sufficient to get started with. Remember, that part of finding out a language (or any type of skill!) entails making mistakes and embracing this early will do the trip go much smoother.

Want to find out to review Thai?

Perhaps, the many important part of finding out Thai is mastering the script, sounds and tone rules. That very daunting to find out the correct pronunciation utilizing any form of English transliteration and the sooner you obtain away indigenous it, the faster your Thai will improve.

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Try a pair free lessons from my Thai structure course which teaches whatever you need to know about the script, sound system and also tone rules of Thai.