Picture this: you’re cruising down the trace on her quad. You’re blasting the latest Swift jams and also loving the liberty of the outdoors. Then, kablammo! your ATV stops and your chain is laying ~ above the ground. You yes, really should’ve learned just how to tighten the chain on her ATV prior to you go out it. At the very least you’ve still obtained Taylor.

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That hasn’t taken place to you yet (we hope), and also we’re right here to make sure it doesn’t. We’ll also give girlfriend a couple of extra pointers to make sure your ATV’s chain is turn off the chain and running smooth.

What to Consider prior to Tightening the ATV’s Chain

First that all, room you even sure you should tighten your ATV chain? Overtightening your chain can reason just as countless problems as undertightening.

Symptoms of a loose Chain

Let’s look at the symptoms of a loosened chain:

Jerky feeling as soon as you accelerate as result of slackPower loss and also clicking noise indigenous the chain skipping over sprocket teethYour chain falls off mid-ride

If you notification any of these points happening while friend ride, you must tighten her chain ASAP. In fact, you shouldn’t let your chain acquire this bad in the very first place.

Instead, you must compare the slack in your chain to her manuals guidelines before it gets bad. Once you begin noticing these issues, you’ve already subjected your drivetrain and also sprockets to extreme wear and also tear.

This rusted-over chain requirements replaced. The clip-style master connect is plainly visible in the center and replacing this chain is as simple as popping the link off, matching the link count to the brand-new chain, and putting the brand-new chain on. This easy task is more than worth the trouble.

Here’s exactly how to eliminate a chain through a clip-style grasp link:

Find the master link on her chain—it’s the attach with the clipUse a flathead driver to remove the clipRemove the face and O-rings (if you have them) complied with by the back plate and also pinsCount the links in your existing chain and include or remove links to your brand-new chain to make them the same (don’t measure to compare—your old chain will certainly be stretched somewhat)Fit the new chain end the sprockets and also connect the master linkFollow the steps over to tighten her chain to the ideal slack

And that’s all it takes. Yes sir no reason to put it off, so gain it excellent today.

Changing your chain i will not ~ necessarily solve all her problems. One of the persistent concerns some world have v ATV chains is that the dang things save falling off. Nothing worry—if you deserve to identify the cause, you’ll be able to solve this problem, too.

Why one ATV Chain can Keep fallout’s Off

There space three factors your ATV chain can be falling off:

1. It’s also Loose

You’ve allow it go too lengthy without tightening it increase again. Tighten it up ideal away to avoid various other damage.

2. It’s stretched Out

An old extended out chain could get booted off the sprocket if it doesn’t fit quite right. No quantity of tightening will settle this and also it’s likely to brake soon. Change it.

3. It’s Unprotected

Do you have a skid key or chain guard? If not, sticks, rocks, and also bumps have the right to knock your chain turn off at any kind of time! not to mention, they deserve to permanently damage your sprockets and other drivetrain components. Do not journey again without adding a skid plate or chain guard.

Don’t Forget about the remainder of your ATV

If you need more information about the bits and also bobs the make her ATV purr, inspect out several of our other articles. Maintaining your sphere joints in working order is an essential to making your suspension operation smooth. Another central part of any ATV’s reliability is the winch. If friend don’t have one, friend should obtain one and then inspect out these 5 methods to use an ATV winch—they’re not just for acquiring unstuck.

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Feel far better about this entirety chain thing? friend should. Preserving your ATV chain is less complicated than transforming your oil and should be checked just as regularly. Simply remember: happy chain, happy life! Yeah, we know it no rhyme.