In many chicken breeds, the pretty basic to call apart the hens and roosters. Many roosters display colored feathers the make them easy to distinguish from hens. But Buff Orpingtons are born buff and remain the same shade for their whole lives. That doesn’t mean there’s no way for you to tell personal the hens and also roosters though.

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Of course, you could wait until the hens begin laying eggs. It is a fool-proof means to tell because that certain. However maybe friend don’t desire to wait numerous months to figure it out. How then would you go around telling apart your Buff Orpingtons? While waiting for egg is absolutely the most certain sign, there space plenty of various other indications regarding the sexes of your chickens, i m sorry we’re going come cover in this article.


Visual Differences

Image Credit: Left: Buff Orpington Rooster(Source: Orpingtonmania, Wikimedia Commons), Right: Buff Orpington Hen (Source: Pete Cooper, Wikimedia Commons)

At a Glance

Buff Orpington Rooster
Average elevation (adult): 13–15 customs Average weight (adult): 8–10 pounds Lifespan: 8 years Exercise: 2+ hrs a job Grooming needs: Minimal Family-friendly: Yes Other pet-friendly: Often
Buff Orpington Hen
Average height (adult): 12–14 inch Average load (adult): 6–8 pounds Lifespan: 8 year Exercise: 2+ hrs a job Grooming needs: Minimal Family-friendly: Yes Other pet-friendly: Often

Buff Orpington Rooster Overview

Male Buff Orpingtons are larger than females with several physical features that can assist to differentiate them native the hens. Even at four weeks old they might be providing clues regarding their sex.

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Physical Characteristics

Naturally, Buff Orpington roosters room the larger, much more robust chickens. When totally mature, the roosters will certainly weigh 8-10 pounds top top average. The bigger specimens can stand 15 inches tall and also are usually taller 보다 the hens. Roosters likewise have remarkable thicker foot to support their extra weight.

As they mature, you’ll start to view pointed cape feathers emerging on the roosters’ back, neck, and shoulders. Males’ combs and also wattles are additionally larger than females and display a brighter shade of red.


With all chicken breeds, roosters are an ext likely to be aggressive and territorial 보다 hens. However one that the factors Buff Orpingtons space so famous is the they typically have a very calm and also docile demeanor; even the roosters. Still, part roosters can screen territorial tendencies, despite it’s rarer through Buff Orpingtons than roosters of other breeds.

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Young Buff Orpington roosters called cockerels will begin to show their dominant side together they begin to reach sexual maturity. They’ll start to strut and also stick your chests out, i beg your pardon is a behavior you won’t view in the hens.


One that the earliest indications of roosters is crowing. Buff Orpington roosters will begin trying come crow together young as four weeks, sticking out their necks and also making a small chirping sound. Eventually, this will be a full-on cock-a-doodle-doo, but at this age, the little an ext than a squeak!