If you’ve ever before bought a jacket online or to buy one in a rush at the store, only to find that it’s too big or too small, climate you’ve more than likely wondered if it might be tailored. This taken place to me with a bomber jacket, therefore I started wondering if it’s possible to transform one.

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Yes, bomber jackets have the right to be tailored. In general, it’s easier to take it in a bomber jacket than to do it bigger. In addition, you can typically take in a bomber jacket more than you can enlarge it. Keep in mind three factors: each product responds in different ways to alterations, special approaches exist because that altering details material, and some changes are easier than others on bomber jackets. Let’s jump in to take a depth look in ~ tailoring a bomber jacket.

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How to do a bomber coat smallerSpecial therapy for each fabricShrinking in washing and also drying machinesHow to do a bomber coat bigger

How to tailor a bomber jacket

Not DIY: If you simply want to take her jacket come a tailor, then know that you should only really mean 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) of feasible removal approximately the torso. The waist is a little bit easier, but there’s tho a border at about 4 customs (10 cm), and also this will depend on how loosened the jacket is around the torso. The tighter the torso, the much less you deserve to take in. The arms are slightly an ext flexible, yet that’s since you don’t usually should take in lot from them.

DIY: to tailor a bomber jacket, you’ll need to first decide what measurement you want to continue (arms, shoulders, waist, etc). Then you need to decide if you need to shrink or enlarge that dimension. Only then have the right to you proceed. I will talk about how to shrink and enlarge Leather, Nylon, and Polyester jackets, and also propose some materials you deserve to use to carry out so.

How to do a bomber coat smaller

To make a bomber jacket smaller, you will either have to pinch and sew cloth or cut and also sew it. Here’s the dominance of gold thumb: it’s always far better to pinch and also sew. You must only cut and sew once pinching would lead to additional damages in the towel such as needing to remove old, perceptible lining.


Sewing kit, preferably through a machineMultiple colors and also thicknesses the string, in ~ the very least the shade of the garment you’re sewing, black, and whiteSewing scissors, or an extremely sharp constant onesA stitch removerA straight edgeSome sewing pins

If you’re just acquiring started and don’t have any kind of of these materials, purchase this an excellent little sewing kit native ARTIKA indigenous Amazon. Unlike various other beginner sewing kits, it’s gained sturdy needles through colored eyes, too as better quality scissors than most other kits.

Because it’s a slightly advanced item, you’ll need to buy the stitch remover separately, due to the fact that it have the right to be a slightly uncomfortable job with a stubborn garment, i suggest acquiring a great one top top Amazon for around $8. This will conserve you time, energy, and above all frustration under the road.

Steps (for absorbing a sleeve ~ above a Nylon jacket in this example):

identify the measurement you desire to take it in (let’s say the wrist for this example)Flip your jacket inside outPinch the cloth you want to take in and measure it. This will tell you exactly how much you will certainly take in in later steps.Along the seam that the sleeve, undo the stitches with your stitch removerUse the stitch remover to different the lining native the shell as needed. It’s best to leaving lining saggy in the arm and also not take it in due to the fact that this will certainly be more comfortable for you.Pinch the towel you desire to take in, usage your straight edge to do it a right line by pushing the towel on a table, and also stabilize the line v your sewing pins. NOTE: make sure you traction the lining so that it’s not touching the covering on the within of her jacket, and that the shell looks clean top top the outside of the coat – bunched towel is not pretty.Thread a needle through string the is comparable to the shade of her jacket. Hold it as much as the jacket forward to do sure. The last thing you want is stitching mirroring through. The thickness the the string must be catered to the jacket. It’s miscellaneous of a judgement call – thick enough to hold, however not therefore thick that your can’t happen the needle easily through the material.Sew along the sewing pins your inserted earlier. Sewing patterns room slightly exterior the border of this article, however generally you must anchor, sew, and also anchor at the end. You can copy the pattern the manufacturer used on her jacket.Sew the lining back to your jacket. This will certainly be rather strange because now over there is much more lining 보다 shell. It’s okay to bunch up the lining, as long as it won’t block your hand from obtaining through.Flip her jacket right side out, and enjoy!

Special treatment for every fabric

While the over steps job-related for most materials, you’ll want to be conscientious of special treatments required for certain species of fabric. Let’s take it a look in ~ leather, Nylon, and also Polyester.


As you most likely know, leather is a difficult material that’s prone to creases and also folds. A couple things come be aware of:

Too tough for the needle. If you’ve obtained a thick animal leather jacket, it might be very complicated to acquire a needle through it. In this situation, you require a special device or part really solid hands to avoid obtaining hurt and making the seam pretty. I tried to sew a thick animal leather jacket one time and jabbed mine finger pretty hard. No a funny experience.Creases while you sew. If you’re not careful, you might permanently placed a fold in your leather. I did this once when ns let sit a thin leather bomber overnight with the sewing pins holding a wrinkle in the fabric. And also once leather has actually a crease, the tough virtually impossible to acquire it out.Tearing. Words « leather » is actually rather generic, even an ext so when it involves bomber jackets. Yes sir cowhide, goatskin, lambskin, shearling lambskin, alligator skin, and others. Cowhide is by far the many common, yet you would certainly be surprised how countless thin-leather goatskin jackets room out there. The message right here is that part leathers tear an extremely easily. A 1/16 inch lambskin shell might tear if you traction too hard on the fabric or shot to sew as well close too an edge.Nylon

Nylon is a highly resistant fabricated fabric it is super lightweight. It have the right to be molded and adapted to look and feel various other fabrics too. As soon as tailoring a Nylon bomber jacket, save in mind the following:

Lightweight. While lightness is a top criteria for many jacket wearers, it makes jackets slightly complicated to see. I’ve never done so myself, but sewing various other light fabrics tells me the you’ll have to clamp under the Nylon once stitching or you could end up through stitches in clues you nothing want. Those worse, you could prick you yourself pretty good.Ugly cut edges. While cut edges space ugly on any type of fabric, you can get away with it on leather by utilizing some leather polish. This is not the case for Nylon. Make sure you have any kind of punches and also cut take-ins on the body-side that the jacket. Yes no layout in exposed Nylon seams!Polyester

Polyester is the weakest that the three common bomber jacket materials, so you’ll generally want to be mindful how you job-related with it. Normally it won’t tear from typical stitching procedures, however if friend stretch and also puncture it to hard, girlfriend may finish up with a hole. This has actually never taken place to me personally, however I wouldn’t take the chance. Just be careful.

Shrinking in washing and drying machines

How to shrink a animal leather bomber jacket

Leather bomber jackets cannot be shrunk in the strict sense of the term; that is, you cannot placed them in the dryer because that a short time in an initiative to shrink the material, together you can with cotton. In fact, if you shot to shrink leather, you might seriously damages shell, lining, and also seams. So stick v tailoring for bomber jackets.

How to shrink a Polyester or Nylon jacket

You can device wash Polyester or Nylon, i m sorry is a good an initial step come shrinking the jacket. Very first try washing your bomber jacket for ~45 minutes on a hot water setting, then hang it as much as dry. If that didn’t shrink enough, dry dry it for 15 minutes on a medium temperature in the machine. If it’s still no the size you’re looking for, try boiling your jacket in water.

To boil your bomber jacket, bring a pot that a huge enough size to fit the jacket to a boil. Then turn off the stove, move the pot come a hotplate, and also place her bomber coat in the water. Mix it roughly for about 5 minutes, then hang it approximately dry.

If the machines and boiling don’t work, climate you recognize you require to acquire your bomber jacket tailored, or alter it yourself.

How to make a bomber jacket bigger

Generally speaking, it’s more an overwhelming to enlarge a bomber jacket than to take it one in due to the fact that enlarging necessarily way adding fabric. Occasionally bomber jackets will have folded ends on the sleeves, which means you will have the ability to let those the end without adding fabric, yet for the vast majority of cases, you’ll must insert a side strip.

How come insert a next strip

A side strip is simply a item of towel that you add to the seams in your bomber coat to offer it between a half and 1 inch more space about the measurement you’re looking to change.

Two rules of thumb to remember here are 1. You have to aim to include a side strip all the method down the seam of her jacket in order to store it attractive, and also 2. The side stripe must end up being an element of your jacket – trying come hide that will an outcome in strange and also disappointing seams. You’re adding fabric, so it will show!

Materials: You require the same products for this as for soaking up a bomber jacket, plus a side strip. In reality, a next strip deserve to be any kind of long piece of towel that is sturdy sufficient to assistance your jacket however soft sufficient to be sewn on. You can cut a item from a special sheet, remove a line from one old piece of clothing, to buy something inexpensive on Amazon. Because that starters, ns recommend do the efforts grosgrain polyester ribbons choose the ones DUOQU makes:



Measure just how much cloth you need to include using measuring tape and also an estimation. Don’t try to add much more than 1.5 customs (3.8 cm), or the jacket will certainly look lopsided.Flip her jacket within out.Remove the lining in the measurement you desire to change.Unsew the seam you want to enlarge.Similar to just how you pinch two sides of a seam to take it it in, pinch one side of the jacket measurement you want to change, and one next of the next strip.Sew the 2 together and restitch the lining. If you had extra lining before, then it have to stretch to fit the new strip. If not, you’ll just need come sew it come the pinched shell-strip section. It might look patchy, yet that’s OK. The won’t show, and such is the price you pay to enlarge her jacket.Then repeat top top the various other side that the strip.Do the very same to the mirror side that the dimension. For example, if girlfriend did one sleeve, now do the other.Voila. You must now have an enlarged bomber jacket. Try it on and also see how it fits. After ~ all, you could constantly take it to a tailor.

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Leather, Nylon, and also Polyester

The same general values for each cloth remain the same as soon as in come to including a next strip. Animal leather is a greater risk fabric, Nylon is solid but light, and Polyester is the least qualitative shelling material. Save this in mind together you add side strips to your bomber jacket.