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Salut, and also welcome to Romanian survival Phrases, carried to girlfriend by
This course is designed to equip you through the language skills and understanding to allow you to gain the most out of your visit to Romania. You"ll be surprised in ~ how far a tiny Romanian will go.
Now before we jump in, mental to protect against by
There, you’ll find the accompanying PDF lesson note and additional info in the post. If you avoid by, be sure to leave united state a comment.
Hello! Bună! My surname is Raluca and I"ll be your language teacher and social guide transparent this introductory course.
Wherever your destination may be, manners room a must! Romania is no different. Therefore in ours very first lesson, we"ll be teaching you straightforward expressions that are bound come come in comfortable throughout your expedition to Romania. I can’t tension this enough: A small language deserve to go a lengthy way!
In Romanian, the many simple method of saying “Thank you” is Mulțumesc.
Let’s break the down:
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc.
Once more:
Mulţumesc is a verb, and also the dictionary kind is a mulţumi, i beg your pardon in English will certainly be analyzed as “to thank”. Therefore literally translated, the word mulțumesc way “thanks”.
Another straightforward and common method of speak “Thank you” is the french native Mersi pronounce in a Romanian way.
Let’s break the down:
( slow)Mer-si (roll the “r” practically like in Spanish)
Once more:
There will be occasions when you will want to express her gratitude in a more polite and also appreciative manner. The is when you must use the expression Mulțumesc mult.
Let’s break the down:
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc mult.
Once more:
Mulțumesc mult.
The second word mult means “a lot” or “much,” for this reason the English tantamount for Mulțumesc mult is “Thank girlfriend a lot”.
For reflecting deeper gratitude, the is enough to add foarte come the expression Mulțumesc mult so that you get Mulțumesc foarte mult which in English will be analyzed as “Thank you really much”.
The indigenous foarte literally method “very” and mult is interpreted as “much” or “a lot”.
Let’s break the down:
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc foar-te mult.
Once more:
Mulțumesc foarte mult.
The nicest means of to express gratitude is Mulțumesc frumos, literally translated as “Thank friend beautifully”.
Let’s break that down:
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc fru-mos.
Once more:
Mulțumesc frumos.
The 2nd word frumos, meaning “beautiful,” is provided to make the expression familiar and polite in ~ the exact same time.
(slow) Fru-mos.
Let’s hear the two words one an ext time.
Mulțumesc frumos.
Here are another 3 expression for showing gratitude using the word mersi just by replacing mulțumesc in the expressions we just learned. And we get:
Mersi mult
Mersi foarte mult and
Mersi frumos.
Whether you usage mulțumesc or mersi, the definition stays the same.
Okay, to close the end this lesson, we"d prefer you to exercise what you"ve simply learned. I"ll administer you through the English tantamount of the phrase and also you"re responsible because that saying the aloud. You have a couple of seconds prior to I provide you the answer, for this reason mult noroc , which means "Good luck!" in Romanian.
“Thank you.”
(3 sec) Mulțumesc.
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc.
(3 sec) Mersi.
(slow) Mer-si.
“Thanks a lot.”
(3 sec) Mulțumesc mult.
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc mult.
Mulțumesc mult.
“Thank you really much.”
(3 sec) Mulțumesc foarte mult.
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc foar-te mult.
Mulțumesc foarte mult.
“Thank friend beautifully”
(3 sec) Mulțumesc frumos.
(slow) Mul-țu-mesc fru-mos.
Mulțumesc frumos.
All right, that"s every for this lesson!
Remember to stop by and pick increase the accompanying PDF lesson notes.

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