Have you ever before heard words “yamete” in Japanese before? carry out you understand what it method or just how to use it?

There is a an excellent chance you have actually heard this word prior to if girlfriend live in Japan or clock Japanese shows or TV. “Yamete” (やめて) is a fairly basic Japanese word, and also can be supplied for different instances depending top top the context and also level that politeness.

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In this write-up we room going come look at the word “yamete” and also how to use it.

What does “Yamete” median in Japanese?

Simply put, “yamete” way “stop” or “stop it” in Japanese. However, that is quite informal. It deserve to be used in between friends and acquaintances – either because that lighthearted cases or even much more serious ones.

“Yamete” provides the te-form that “yameru” (やめる – come stop; to quit). The kanji (although not frequently used with this word) is 辞める. This have the right to be checked out in words prefer 辞職する (jishoku) – come quit a job.

As with any kind of te-form verb, it deserve to be offered with ください to make it more polite – やめてください.

This distinction is comparable to the of “please stop” and also “stop it!” in English.

Another method variation used in between friends is やめてくれ or やめてくれよ. This is the te-form + the verb くれる. くれる is a casual verb an interpretation to give. やめてくれ is almost like the Japanese indistinguishable of “give me a break!” or “cut that out!”

What’s the Difference between やめて and also やめろ?

A more powerful variant that the Japanese “yamete” is “yamero” (やめろ). This is the command form, and also it is much more straightforward. Further, it is basically a command and is not an extremely polite.

やめろ is offered in more urgent cases when the speaker is more serious. In various other words, it is a more powerful expression 보다 やめて “yamete”.

More often than no “yamete” (やめて) is sufficient.

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