We’ve currently looked at words for woman (donna), so currently it’s time to look at the other half of the person equation! words for man in Italian is uomo (masculine, plural: uomini).

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IPA: /ˈwɔ.mo/

Similar to English, words uomo can be supplied to refer to an adult human being male or much more generally, the human race.

Quell’uomo si chiama Marco. Abita nell’appartamento sopra al mio.

That guy is dubbed Marco. He resides in the apartment above mine.

Cinquantuno anni fa l’uomo mise piede sullaLuna.

Fifty-one years earlier man collection foot ~ above the moon.


In unshened speech, that isn’t uncommon to colloquially refer to a friend’s male partner as uomo rather of (marito) husband or (ragazzo) boyfriend.

Comesta il tuo uomo? no lo vedo da un sacco!

How is her man? ns haven’t checked out him because that ages!

In the singular, it is likewise the word used to refer to a type of prehistoric human (e.g. Uomo di Neanderthal = Neanderthal man).

The noun, when connected with other words, can explain a specific kind the man:

Buon uomo / Brav’uomo = guy of practical skills but not very intelligentUomo della strada = ordinary manUomo d’affari = organization manUomo nero = boogeymanUomo alla mano = friendly man (alla mano means at hand)Uomo di fiducia = male you deserve to trust for delicate jobsUomo d’onore = honorable man

When talking about a worker or someone who gives a service, uomo can work as a colloquial alternative to the polite signore (sir, gentleman).

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C’è l’uomo del gas alla porta.

The gas guy is in ~ the door.

Expressions special ‘uomo’

A misura d’uomo

Literal translation: at the measure up of manEnglish meaning: liveable, suitable for people

Ad altezza d’uomo

Literal translation: at the height of manEnglish meaning: in ~ eye level

A passo d’uomo

Literal translation: at man’s paceEnglish meaning: in ~ walking pace

A memoria d’uomo

Literal translation: in man’s memoryEnglish meaning: because that a lengthy time (as lengthy as man have the right to remember)

Uomo avvisato, mezzo salvato

Literal translation: a warned male is half-savedEnglish meaning: forewarned is forearmed

Essere una pasta d’uomo

Literal translation: to be a man’s doughEnglish meaning: to be a an excellent man