A repertoire of useful phrases in Old English, the variation of English the was spoken in England from about the fifth to the 11th century.

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Key come abbreviations: frm = formal, inf = informal, sg = singular (said to one person), pl = many (said to an ext than one person).

English Ænglisc (Old English)
Welcome Welcumen
Hello (General greeting) Wes hāl (sg) Wesaþ hāle (pl) Wesaþ hāla (pl/f)
How space you? Hú meaht þú? Hu eart þú?
Reply come 'How space you?' Ic mæg wel Ic mæg tela Wel, þancung, and also þú?
Long time no see Lang fierst ne beseah Lang tīd ne beseah
What's her name? Hwæt hātest þū?
My surname is ... Ic hāte ...
Where space you from? Hwanan cymst þū? Hwiðer eart þū fram?
I'm from ... Ic cume that ...
Pleased to accomplish you Mé lícaþ þé tó métanne (sg) Mé lícaþ éow tó métanne (pl)
Good morning (Morning greeting) Gōdne mergen
Good night (Evening greeting) Gōdne ǣfen
Good night Gōde nihte
Goodbye (Parting phrases) Far gesund (sg) Faraþ gesunde (pl) Faraþ gesunda (pl/f) Wes Hāl (sg) Wesaþ hāle (pl) Wesaþ hāla (pl/f) Wes þū hāl God þē mid sīe ("God be v you")
Good luck! Gōd wyrd Gōde wyrde
Cheers! an excellent Health! (Toasts offered when drinking) Gōd hælo!
Have a quite day Hafa gōdne dæg! (sg) Habbaþ gōdne dæg (pl)
Bon appetit / have actually a quite meal Gōd metesōcn
Bon trip / have actually a an excellent journey Gōd fōr
I understand Ic æt undergiete
I don't understand Ic þæt ne undergiete
Yes Gea; Giese
No Nese Ne Na
Maybe Gewene
I know Ic wāt
I don't know Ic nāt
Please speak much more slowly Ic bidde þe mara slawlice come sprecanne
Please say that again Ic bidde þē þæt to eftgianne
Please write it down Ic bidde þē hit come āwrītanne
Do friend speak Old English? Sprece þū Englisc? Sprecest þū Englisc?
Yes, a little(reply come 'Do girlfriend speak ...?') Gea, fea Gea, lytel
Speak come me in Old English Sprec tō mē top top Englice
How carry out you say ... In Old English? Hū sægest þū ... In Ænglisc?
Excuse me Forgiefe mec
How lot is this? Hū miccle þās is? Hwæt ys se cēap þisses?
Sorry Sārig
Please Bidde Ic bidde þe Ic bidde eow
Thank you Ic þancie þē
Reply to give thanks to you Welcumen
Where's the toilet / bathroom? Hwǣr is þæt gangern? Hwǣr is se gangstōl?
This gentleman will pay because that everything Se wer sceal ealum gieldan Se hlāford sceal ealum gieldan
This lady will certainly pay because that everything Sēo hlǣfdīge sceal ealum gieldan
Would you favor to dance v me? Wilt þū mid mē sealtian?
I miss out on you Ic langie þē (sg) Ic langie ēow (pl)
I love you Ic lufie þē
Get fine soon Bēo gesund hraðe
Go away! Aweggā! Gā onweg!
Leave me alone! Forlǣte mec!
Help! Helpe!
Fire! Fȳr!
Stop! Ōþstand! Ōþstandaþ!
Call the police! Cīg þǣm weardum!
Christmas greetings Blīþe Crīstes mæsse Blīþe Gēol
New Year greetings Glæd Nīwe Gēar Gesǣlig Nīwe Gēar
Easter greetings Gesǣlig Eastordæg
Birthday greetings Gesǣlig Gebyrddæg
One language is never ever enough Ān geþēode is nǣfre genōg Ān Spræc is nǣfre genōg
My hovercraft is complete of eels Mīn wandrian-scyf ful ǣlen is Mīn lyfthærnflota is ful ǣla

Phrase offered by Matthew Leigh Embleton, through corrections and additions by T. Patrick Snyder

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