It’s always nice to great someone a happy birthday on their one-of-a-kind day but why not carry out it in a language that way something come them.As well together wishing her loved one a happy date of birth in Samoan, why not likewise sing the Samoan version of the happy date of birth song!You could likewise get her loved one a Samoan date of birth Card. This will certainly make their day! 

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How to Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In Samoan

To great someone a happy birthday in Samoan, you deserve to say:Happy birthdayManuia le aso fanau
To hear the pronunciation of this phrase, examine out the video clip below. Skip come 1:06 for the together of ‘happy birthday’:
Alternatively, girlfriend can also use some of these phrases:

Happy birthdayIa manuia lou aso fanauCongratulationsMalo/fa’amalo

The phrase ‘Ia manuia lou aso fanau’ is an additional version that ‘happy birthday’. This variation is a bit more personalised 보다 ‘manuia le aso fanau’. You’ll often hear this phrase as just ‘manuia lou aso fanau’ without the ‘ia’ in ~ the start. One of two people is fine.

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How To sing Happy date of birth In Samoan

If you want to go the extra mile for your loved one or friend, shot singing the happy birthday song in Samoan. You will do it be happy to know it’s the very same tune as the English version, they simply sing it in Samoan.Check the end the video below come hear the Samoan birthday song. I’ve provided the lyrics below so you deserve to sing along.
Here’s the lyrics so you deserve to sing along:“Manuia lou aso fanau!Manuia lou aso fanau!Manuia lou aso fanau!Manuia lou aso fanau!”

This translates to:“Happy date of birth to you!Happy date of birth to you!Happy birthday to you!Happy date of birth to you!”

Samoan birthday Traditions

Birthday traditions have the right to be an extremely important to many world on your birthdays. Come make your loved one feel extra one-of-a-kind you can also shot some of these Samoan birthday traditions.


Like in plenty of cultures, you would certainly usually offer someone a gift on their birthday. In Samoa, typical birthday gifts encompass handcrafted mats, money and food (as well together other usual birthday gifts). Handcrafted mats room actually considered one that the highest gifts you have the right to give and are typical on numerous occasions. 

Big Birthdays

Some birthdays are an ext important 보다 others. Expect big celebrations, parties and also feasts for her 21st, 40th, 50th, 60th and also 70th. Thanks for analysis this post on just how to say ‘happy birthday’ in Samoan. It’s a great idea to do the effort to learn just how to to speak this in someone’s indigenous language or a language that method something to them.Your loved one or friend will be therefore impressed!

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