The RCA brand is just one of the oldest and well-known brand in the consumer electronics industry. A Canadian firm Curtis international makes RCA, Curtis, Proscan, and Sylvania brand names.

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These whole brands space low-priced worth TV segment. Girlfriend should understand that low price is not poor quality. Many world used TV for 10 and an ext years with no problems. And also nowadays they existing on the sector Roku TV v 4k, full HD.

But difficulties can take place with all electronics and also RCA is no exception. If your TV has a warranty, you can contact the company center and told castle what the trouble is.

However, what to perform if your warranty ends?

1st us recommend restarting your TV. You deserve to restart from the menu or simply turn the OFF and turn the ON.

2nd take out the power cable indigenous the outlet because that at least 1 minutes.

3rd if the difficulties start after ~ installing part Apps, try to delete it.

4th Reset RCA TV come the manufacturing facility settings.

You should know that there a lot of models and collection RCA TV so the Resetting procedure may have some distinctions from model to model. But try to visit all menu and find something favor this: Reset, factory defaults, etc. Ok, stop see just how it will certainly look at part models.

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Factory reset RCA TV

walk to MenuFind OptionPress Reset

Reset RCA Roku TV

Turn on her TVGo to SettingsFind SystemGo to Advanced device SettingsPress Factory reset

In the end, you may be inquiry to go into a pin password or parent controls password. The default pin code on RCA TV – 0000 or 8888

To reset the pin password or parent regulate password you have to do next steps: walk to the menu and find parent controlWhen the pin code input box shows up press and also holds the Volume + and also Channel + buttons on your TV (not on the remote) for 8 seconds. After that, it need to be reset to the 0000

You can shot to accessibility to RCA service menu.

On part models:

press the INPUT button ~ above the remote.Then push the 2, 5, 8, 0 buttons in fast succession.Find reset and press yes

On other models:

push the MENU button ~ above the remote.Then push the 1, 1, 4, 7 buttons in rapid succession.

But the ideal solution to discover how to reset your tv will be – visit main website RCA and also find hand-operated for her TV.