You deserve to restart your video game to reset your island and also villagers in pet Crossing: brand-new Horizons (ACNH) because that the Nintendo Switch.

Find out exactly how you can save items from your old conserve data to carry to your brand-new island and other tips and tricks when restarting her game!

How come Restart animal Crossing: new Horizons

There is no in-game choice to restart your game. However, you deserve to delete all save data on your Nintendo move to begin fresh.

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Go come the Nintendo Switch house Screen.
Select System Settings.
Go to Data Management.
Choose Delete conserve Data.
Select Animal Crossing: brand-new Horizons.
Select Delete All conserve Data because that this Software.
Start the game.

1. Go to the Nintendo Switch home Screen

First, push the Home switch on the move to walk Home. The Home switch is the little round button found underneath the appropriate joystick.

2. Choose System Settings


From the home Screen, uncover the Settings icon from the bottom appropriate side of the screen.

3. Walk to Data Management

From Settings, scroll down on the left-hand column until you uncover Data Management, then select it.

4. Select Delete save Data


After picking Data Management, scroll down on the right-hand colum. Discover Delete conserve Data from the bottom that this list.

5. Select animal Crossing: new Horizons

After picking Delete conserve Data, select animal Crossing: brand-new Horizons from the list of games.

6. Select Delete All conserve Data for this Software

Select Delete All save Data because that this Software to wipe every the conserve data for animal Crossing: new Horizons.

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7. Start the Game

Once you have efficiently cleared all save data, start the game again to watch Timmy and Tommy.

Restart her character name and also appearance, and the island layout and name.