At no time perform I desire to tell girlfriend that part jewelers, or battery changing locations in Malls, or Pawn Shops perform Crappy job! But, we all have bad days, and also some an ext then others.

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If you very own a Skagen Wrist Watch, climate you must be extra careful around taking your wrist clock in because that a batter replacement. Watch the video clip Below, and also find the end why, and also read mine concerns around Skagen below the video.

I’ve personally never ever owned a Skagen Watch. However, don’t think the is due to the fact that I don’t favor them.

I’m simply being moral with you!

Skagen makes a really good, and an extremely fashionable watch. They are extremely popular, and also work really well. 

The quality of the clock is fantastic. I have not seen any of them come in for company or a battery that had actually one the those cheap $2.00 motions in them. For the most part, the only issues I have ever been affiliated with room the typical crystal replacement, and the battery swap.

Skagen watches are an extremely thin and highly wearable watches. They feel comfortable on your wrist, and also they host up to wear really well. They, however, have one substantial problem, and also it is a problem that I’ve seem an ext and much more lately, as many of my customers proceed to go to the mall Battery places, or pawn shops to acquire they batteries replaced.

titanium Men"s Skagen

Ladies Stainless Skagen

For the previous two years, much more and much more of my customer’s have pertained to me to change out the batteries in their Skagen watches, and also because ns know just how to carry out it, I deserve to swap out a battery for them in around five minutes.

However, a few of mine customers will certainly come in and also show me your watch, and also ask me to make certain I can get the ago cover on. Most of the time, if that is a Skagen, I can safely assume one of two things… First, that the customer tried to readjust out their own battery. Ns know, CVS has actually batteries cheap, and all you need is a screwdriver! LOL

The other case is the they take it it somewhere, and also the keep did not placed the case ago together the exactly way, damaged the back cover or worse, and also now nothing fits.

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This is an inherent difficulty with Skagen, since to offer you such a fashionably think watch, the situation back, frame and also bezel are all thin and delicate themselves. If you try to press down the back cover, from the center of the cover, friend will damages the watch instance cover, and never be able to repair it.

In some cases, people push for this reason hard, the the push the movement and dial down, damaging not just the earlier cover, however the dial and also hands, or worse yet, damaging the motion itself, thus totally destroying the watch!