i"m in a completely renovated kitchen through all new food preparation appliances and also cookware.

I did somepoint really stupid; tried emptying oil and also grits right into compactor forgaining warm temp of pan

The compactor bag melted on the pan and I cannot get it off!!!!!

Tried remelting via little bit sucess

Been scrubbing ameans and also development is sooooooooo slow

Any one have actually some quick/smart ideas?

I feel favor such a dummyThanks if anyone has somepoint to sell.

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WD40 works for getting sticky label residue off so you can attempt that. Also, mineral oil might execute it. Does the manufacturer of the pan have actually a phone # or website with an email contact feature? They may be able to provide you a solution.


Wright here on the pan did it melt, hopetotally just the bottom? What type of pan is it, what is it made out of, non-stick-stainmuch less, and so on. Probably the best solution is to simply save melting and scraping. If it"s on the bottom put it on the burner, put some water in it, turn on your hood and also let it sit till it all burns off, eventually it will all burn off. Hope this helps


A couple of points that have actually worked for me are:

1. Soak the pan in drain cleaner plus a tiny water - functions really well!

2. Apply a paste of enzyme-based, dish washing powder - soak, scrub and also repeat until gone, or simply provide the pot scrub cycle in your dish washer a possibility via one of these commodities.

Both types of product are designed to attack organics and also haven"t hurt any type of of the pans I have actually provided these tricks on so much.

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Thanks for all the responses and suggestions.

In desperation this am tried soaking it in a solution of simmer/boiling water and also baking soda, a solution I found on a google search. It assisted yet didn"t perform it entirely.

The plastic is on the side and also bottom(this is virtually gone) of 18/10 SS/Copper Kirkland also Signature pan.

I witnessed somewhere else to try freezing it and as soon as totally frozen chipping it off so it is in the freezer cooling. I will attempt your suggestions if that fails and also if it functions will also write-up that solution for various other clumsy cooks choose myself:I"m afraid to warm it so that the plastic then might melt on the brand-new cooktop"s cast iron gprices.

I guess it was simply a negative night for me; after that disaster my DS announced thru tears that he had just broken up with his GF of almost 4 years; that was far worse than the pan.

Still is actually and also started off this AM gaining a baking pan stuck in my underplaced sink, yes it slipped down and also was wedged. Fortunately it didn"t sfinish me back right into tears yet simply had me chuckling. I did finally obtain it out prior to anyone esle in the home and woke up to view my latest dumb move.:Thanks aobtain, will let you recognize if freezer trick functions.