What should be a fast switchover soon turns into a nightmare when you realize the the fixture can’t be unscrewed.

Don’t worry!

This article will talk you with the actions you need to adjust a bathroom light fixture with no screws.

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To remove a no-screw bathroom irradiate fixture, follow the instruction below that matches her light type:

Notch or Groove Mechanism: Twist and also pull down.Spring-Loaded Mechanism: Pry by pulling and also nudging.Slotted Connectors: Turn and pull down.Flush Mount: Turn and lower.


A typical finial – essentially a decorative kind of screw.

Taking the apart is fairly a doddle, however you’ll require a stable hand to put it earlier together. 

Here’s exactly how to do it:

Use her hands come screw the finial right into the basic of the dome. With the finial and also the base of the dome attached, screw the minimum to the finial port in the basic of the fixture. Keep screwing the finial approximately with her hands till the dome is firmly in place. (You may want to usage pliers here if you struggling.)

How to remove a Stuck irradiate Fitting

What need to you do if you struggling to eliminate a bulb from a irradiate fixture? The last thing you want is for the pear to shatter as you’re remove it. Not only is the broken glass dangerous, yet you’ve additionally not lengthy swept the floor and don’t an intricate having to do it again. 

I’m around to let you in ~ above a super simple trick. This trick will help you remove a grounding lightbulb there is no breaking it

Here’s what you need to do:

Unplug the desk lamp or rotate off the electrics if girlfriend are changing a wall or ceiling bulb. Cut a 25 customs (63 cm) strip of duct tape. Stick one end of the tape come the various other making a loop.Stick the middle of the loop come the lightbulb on both sides. Rod both sides of the tape with each other to form two duct ice cream handles. Turn the duct tape handles through both hands in an anticlockwise motion. This will aid you tease the bulb till it frees without putting too much pressure top top it.

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The good thing about this an approach is that it keeps her hands far away from the pear while unscrewing it. This will prevent you native hurting you yourself while remove a stuck pear if that breaks. Also, if the bulb need to shatter, many of the shards will certainly stick to the duct tape. This will certainly make the cleanup minimal and also less dangerous. 


Changing a consistent lightbulb is children play. But, remove a screwless light fixture have the right to seem favor a puzzling task. But once you understand which type of irradiate fixture friend have, friend should have the ability to dismantle it in next to no time. Complying with the measures mentioned above makes putting it ago together simply as easy.

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