Hey, play Skyrim ~ above PC and was wondering if everyone has discovered a functioning console command to remove bounty. Closest thing I have actually seen is the: player.setcrimegold 0 yet it never goes to 0 as soon as I usage it. I can only raise mine bounty further.

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If you do "paycrimegold 0 0" the won't take her stolen items and also you won't be moved to the prison.
or you deserve to pay the fine, then get the gold backplayer.additem 0000000f $$$$$$$$$
All you need is "f". Friend don't need "0000000f ". Leading zeros have the right to be dropped because that console codes.

paycrimegold operated for me. Make certain you click on the best guard because that the host in i m sorry you have actually a bounty in.

Hey i was playing skyrim and also i was expect to rental a room in riverwood to finish a quest but every time i go in over there the lady kills me and also i dont want to restart. You re welcome help

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paycrimegold" This command deserve to be supplied to salary one"s bounty when guard interactions will not allow for it. Simply select the a guard of the faction v bounty and enter paycrimegold through no included ids or "player." in front. This will eliminate the bounty and also make guards protect against chasing you, however will also place girlfriend in prior of the factions jail (as if girlfriend payed turn off a bounty regularly).Note: If persons bounty is eliminated as depicted by the crime tab (under basic Stats in escape menu) and also guards proceed to attack you, take the end your weapon and also sheathe that to pressure guards to prevent attacking. "

If you perform "paycrimegold 0 0" it won"t take your stolen items and you won"t be relocated to the prison.




What that said.


I will certainly admit that periodically it hasn"t operated for me. It"s rare, yet if the doesn"t work-related for you, girlfriend pretty lot just have to do the consistent dialog and also go to prison (or incur much more bounty dues xD)

Hey, play Skyrim ~ above PC and was wondering if anyone has uncovered a functioning console command to remove bounty.Closest point I have actually seen is the:player.setcrimegold 0 yet it never ever goes come 0 as soon as I use it. I have the right to only raise mine bounty further.


You need to use a negative number if you desire it to walk down.

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BTW, the same principle uses with any numbers you use for console commands (you can enter an unfavorable numbers come decrease the value).


EDIT: periodically it have the right to be a tiny glitchy. For example, ns can"t gain my bounty every the way down to 0 but I had the ability to decrease under to 140, i beg your pardon is simply fine with me.  This could be among the many mods I have not playing nice or it might be a glitch in the vanilla system, I"m not sure.