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I have actually a 2002 Silverado through a 5.3L engine. The A/C is not working and also I want to check the press on both the low and also high side, yet can not uncover the short side port. There space 2 ports (both a huge and tiny size) ~ above the metal line running from the evaporator come the condenser, but I can"t uncover a port between the compressor and the evaporator, which should be the low side. Please let me recognize where to short side port is.

I simply tried to recharge mine AC system, and Larry"s right- one of the harbor is high, one is low. If girlfriend buy a recharge can from the auto parts store, it will just fit top top the low side, which, if ns remember right, is the largest of the two fittings.

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If you"re walking to include freon it"s finest to do this with the engine running, a/c on max and blower ~ above high. If you have rear air, have that on full blast, too. Include to the low side and also monitor high next pressure. High next pressure must be 2.2 to 2.5 times the ambient temperature. If it"s 100 degrees then the high next pressure must be between 220 and also 250 psi. Begin by targeting the lower end of that, it"s simpler to include than remove.When girlfriend stop including your short side need to be in between 30 and 40 psi.
Thanks because that the great advice.....all the the equipment I have encountered in the past did not have the lo and also hi political parties on the exact same tube 12" apart.Here is the full story. It is mine mom"s truck and also a shop told her she needed an A/C compressor and also it would cost $1000. Ns took a look in ~ it and the belt to be missing, therefore they couldn"t recognize the compressor to be bad. The belt broke since the idler sheave bearing seized up, a really easy and cheap fix. Yet the A/C quiet didn"t job-related so I examine the freon and also it to be low so ns tried to include some, however it wouldn"t take it native the short side, which lead to my concern of where the short side was. In the procedure of measure the press on both the hi and lo sides I uncovered the hi side harbor was leaking therefore I changed that critical night and I need to get pump now to evacuate and recharge. I likewise have learned the it was no taking a fee from the low side because you have to short out the short side pressure switch to obtain the compressor to absent in. It will be 100F through high humidity because that the following 3 job so hopefully a recharge is all that is required!