I"ve tried force Disk readjust for several different PSX games and music CDs, however all I gain is that darn Dino monster. What am i doing wrong?

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Please elaborate and also explain for also details about you troubles as Monster Ranchers 1 only 1 disc for Playstation. (You don"t need adjust CD for that.)
i have actually the very same poblem, cos in this video game u have the right to load monster from any cd that exist, yet i always have the same monster, monster from monster rancher cd... Im doing whatever ok, im sure of that... Yet i alwaaaaaays gain the same monster, and also playing v 3 simple monsters (plus your combinations) is boring =(

Now I could understand what you space refering to.Possibility, it might only functions on the genuine console together I"m afraid. Shot to usage Gameshark password if necessary.
I don"t use PSEven, however it can work the same.I noticed that if I readjusted disk to an ISO photo (without mounting it, might work if mounted) I would certainly only get a Suezo. If i recall properly neither FFT nor Azure desires gave Suezos as soon as my friend and also I played mr forever ago.Well, ns was determined to get the shrine to work, and also I did!Note: I use epsxe, therefore the method may vary relying on your emu.Method:1. Go to shrine.2. Speak "yes."3. As soon as prompted come insert a new disk, push esc.4. Unmount the image.5. Insert a disk in a physical drive.6. Go to File->Change Disk->CDROM.7. Push "x."8. ~ it has read the disk, open your drive and also remove the disk.9. Mount your Monster Rancher picture again.10. Go to File->Change Disk->CDROM11. Press "x" again and also in a sec you"ll have actually your new monster.Using this method I got everything from a Golem, to a Dino/Jell, and a couple of others precious having. I fused mine Wing Worm with my Tiger/Hare (from the mr disk) to get a Tiger/Worm for my very first monster.Sure, I"m the end 500G early on on, but it"s a spiffy lookin" monster.>.> Yeah...really great my CD burner would work. That"d do this entirety thing a lot easier.
Hello Lexca,On PSXeven to adjust a key or iso as soon as asked come insert next cd struggle esc crucial and do this PSXeven>File>Force change Disc

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O.k i know this is one old thread however i might also try. Anyway as soon as i mount my image do i run the iso or the CD rom since when i operation the iso i have actually to change the journey to the virtual drive then when i change the disk the doesn"t review the disk because it"s still collection to the virtual drive for this reason is over there anyway to adjust the drive automaticly since you can do it during the middle of a game. I"m making use of daemon tools and epsxe. Any assist would be greatly appreciated, thanks