Wouldn’t it be good if you can make your pen disappear in a flash? That would impress anyone. Well, there space several methods to teach the disappearing pen trick. Ns remember the very first time I observed a kid perform that at school. He was really an excellent with his hands and also could carry out a many tricks. The disappearing magic pen/pencil trick is one of the finest magic tricks the end there and also takes small to no preparation time to collection up, yet if you would choose to make her pencil disappear, friend will need a bit of practice. Now the an initial one is rather simple.

Don’t concern though, ANYONE can do this. And this is just the beginning. The disappearing magic tip will become more difficult as us go along.

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Kids vanishing Pen Magic Trick




Place her pen in prior of you. Place your hands in front of the pen. (make sure you cover that so the audience deserve to only to speak the ago side of her hands. Speak to the audience. Shot to odor them a bit by informing a joke. Fixed the pen through bottom component of her palms, which must be emotional the table. (If you are using a pencil, make certain there not to tight the suggest to tightly. It could cut you.Move the pen under your hands around and also around in a circle as you speak to the audience. Tell lock you will certainly make the pen disappear soon.When you have a chance and also they space not looking, lug your hands and also the pen to the edge of the table and also let the it fall into her lap. Store your foot close together so that does not fall on the floor and also spoil your trick.Do no stop. Store talking to them and also make certain to save rotating the pen and your hands in a circle on the table. ~ a few times, stop and fold your hands together and also then display them her hands.

Tada! Now, this trick deserve to only job-related a couple of times. Friend could add to the trick by put a handkerchief on peak to your hands if girlfriend need more room and have them take it off of her hands.

Here is a an excellent video from children Spot that mirrors another means to carry out it.

Crush Pen Trick

This is just one of the my favorite tricks and also to be honest, the crush pen cheat is really not that difficult. Oh, by the way, some speak to it the collapsing pen trick together well. Anyway, this vanishing pen cheat is really cool and also you only require a pen, some quick hands and also a small practice.


Pen through a cap. The works ideal with a pen cap that has actually the a clip on the cap.


Show the audience the pen.Take the cap off the pen and also hold it in her left hand. Organize the cap so they have the right to see the prolonged plastic clip but not the cap itself. This is really important. Take it the pen in your ideal hand . Act like you are pushing the pen right into the cap. You have to be fast. Make certain you flick the pen into your right wrist v your middle finger as you near the gap between your hands. It need to look prefer the pen is going right in, however it isn’t. To do the pen reappear, just reverse the action.

I think it have to take a an excellent 30 minutes to make her pen disappear properly. Remember to always, always, flick the pen back into your ideal hand v your middle finger. Do NOT journey THE PEN right into YOUR LEFT WRIST. It will hurt and could be really dangerous if girlfriend forget.

Watch Jay Sankey carry out it. The is a an excellent Magician and also excellent teacher.

Instant Pen Vanish

Okay, now the immediate Pen Vanish trick is a small more daunting and calls for a little of practice, yet if done right, this is a great instant pen vanish trick that you have the right to do to impress anyone. This guy is really smooth with has actually hands, but remember, the didn’t execute it immediately, the took numerous tries. I am certain that he regulated to throw the pen about the room in plenty of different directions when he very first tried it. (Actually he did lose the straw as soon as showing us exactly how to execute it.) begin with a straw prior to trying it with a pen.


Disposable pen or straw.Hold the straw in ~ both ends by her index fingers, middle fingers and also thumbs.The audience should be able to see your finger tips with the straw held between your hands. Take her right middle finger and push in the direction of you a little bit so the you have actually some tension in it. You are going to desire to snap it back into your wrist. once you space ready, relax the straw v your left thumb. This will reason the straw to snap back into your best forearm and remain hidden to the audience. This action should it is in really rapid so as to give the illusion the your straw has actually disappeared. Execute you move your hand at all. There will be no need to and it will offer the illusion of the disappearing. To do it reappear, grab the straw in the middle and also pull it throughout your forearm and your hand.

Pointing down Disappearing Magic Trick

I prefer this one really much. Jay Sankey is a really great magician and also here he will teach friend what to do to make the disappearing pen trick work better. A many times, once we carry out this trick, the is tough to hide that are center fingers room actually holding the pen. However as he mirrors here, you have the right to take treatment of that and include deception for this reason the trick functions better.


Pen, pencil, straw. (your choice)


Hold the pen so the audience can see it with your table of contents fingers and thumbs, do an ‘ok’ sign. You desire the audience to remember see it. Host the pen in ~ both end by your index fingers, center fingers and thumbs.The audience should have the ability to see her finger tips through the pen held in between your hands.Take her right center finger and also push in the direction of you a little so that you have some tension in it. You space going to want to snap it back into her wrist.When you are ready, relax the pen with your left thumb. This will reason the straw to snap earlier into your ideal forearm and also remain hidden to the audience. This activity should be really quick so as to give the illusion the your straw has actually disappeared.Point your index finger down, however only because that a brief time. Expose the pen by slide it out of her hand in the middle.

Check the video clip below so that Jay can present you an amazing twist come it. One that looks favor he is breaking the pen throughout his knee yet actually cupping that in his hand. Great stuff!

The Bottom Line

There space a variety of tricks out there i beg your pardon you deserve to do to make your pen disappear in an instant. Many of castle only need a great pen or a straw. Frankly, i don’t choose using a pencil. Cupping it right into your forearm have the right to be dangerous, so please feel complimentary to replace the Disappearing Magic Pencil Trick with a pen. Simply make you have a cap on it. And also like always, this tricks take it a little of practice.


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