i am composing to friend this message due to the fact that I require some help regarding The Sims 3 and also its EP and SP installation.

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I own all of the EPs and also SPs that the Sims 3 game and also I actually have actually the initial physical variation of the gamings which come through the CDs and the box but every one of them were installed on my old computer (laptop) i m sorry I execute not usage anymore because it is as well old to run the games .The inquiry is how am ns able to have every one of the EP and also SP I initially own on my new computer. Deserve to I do that through copy/pasting the initial EA folder and what"s within or there"s an additional way.All of my CDs are legal but I hadn"t thought of signing them up through Origin back then and I have actually a big problem now.Please aid me! The only CD i still have actually is the base game The Sims 3 and TS3 and Into the Future I"ve shed the various other CDs due to the fact that I didn"t need them for play the game!!! ns really require some help.What need to I perform to resolve this problem?

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feasible; probability of success: low. Probability because that error : HIGH

You should use the same user name on your new computer.

You would have to copy, and place in the same-named locations:

the My games \ EA folder

the entire game

And climate export/import all relevant registry entries.*

And maybe several other measures that ns can"t remember, due to the fact that I probably just went the straightforward route. Ns don"t think there"s any kind of other papers in e.g., "AppData".

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There are websites that will certainly generate registry entries because that you, noted you have actually the CD keys. Which you need to still have on the cases.

You"re additionally in luck, since Into the Future is the disk you"ll must run the game.

*I leave you small instruction here, as you need to be well-versed before you even touch the registry on your brand-new computer.

Moving game to new computer there is no disc?

"If girlfriend no longer have actually the disks, ns recommend registering your games in beginning which will provide you a digital download copy that the games. You require the serial numbers from package or manual to carry out that; if those room also lacking you can uncover them top top your desktop computer if the gamings are tho installed." –Carl"s