I assumed you needed to be married in bespeak to have a infant (by pregnancy/cot, not through adoption), and I have a pregnant sim nearing due date, but I simply noticed right currently that she no married to her supposed “husband”.

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Is this a bug? Is the man not going to be recognized as the baby’s father? should I marry lock asap in prder for the baby to be seen officially as his son? Is it too late for the now? The infant is due in 2 days.

Will it occupational if they weren’t married when the infant was conceived however then i married them 1 day prior to the baby is born?


I think she gonna be fine here. It’s referred to as immaculate conception, God created a totality book about it.

If there in a “partner” partnership then yes, he will be shown as father. They readjusted the component where they have to be married a when back

Oh I’ve spent boats and also boats of LPs to marry all my sims prior to making babies... Well, at least now I know I don’t have to do it anymore.

most the my center parents aren’t married (they’re simply partners) and also there are plenty of same-sex couples as well, and I’ve found that if the family members has two adult sims they room both registered together the baby’s parent. However, the last pregnancy occasion I go was through a woman that was living with two female roommates and also only the pregnant center was registered together the mother. Ns think the just thing to worry around is if there’s more than two adult sims!

Depends ~ above what girlfriend want.

I had actually one of mine female Sims, in a partnership (not married) with another female, get pregnant. I just put a crib in their house and also it allowed them to have a baby. As lengthy as it's one adult female, they have the right to have one. They room both shown (in the tiny status bar thingie) as the boy's mothers and also he has their last name.

Another situation: I had actually a woman Sim, who resided in a different house from her male companion (not married), get pregnant. The child had actually her critical name, not the father's. For this reason it likewise depends top top whose house the kid is born in.

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Nah, i got single lady’s pregnant, no connection at all. I did the glitch of gaining all mine sims pregnant once I to be one sim below the limit and also had a bunch that babies as whole a mainly later! (I don’t recognize for sure however I heard the glitch was addressed in the recent update. Since I have actually over the limit I’m no taking the possibility to test it...)

Unfortunately in the sims people it no seem come register any type of of them as family members regardless. Part members have had actually mothers move in v the father and also the baby continues to be behind in the house. The game wasn’t programmed choose the sims 4 where the entirety family moves and have household trees. Anyone can come to be pregnant nevertheless of their relationship status

that’s supervisor interesting reason if you try to relocate the mother to one empty home is states you can’t leave the child behind!

Yeah, I have actually a lot whereby the only inhabitant is a baby that was left behind whne the parents moved houses.


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