IM medicines are to it is in stored as directed by the manufmoment-g.comturer’s instructions together directed top top the labelling.


Ensure the equine is being held by a knowledgeable handler that is stand on the exmoment-g.comt same side as the injection will certainly be given. Do not have the horse tied up.Be in a calm, quiet environment to mitigate risk of horse moving/fidgetingWear disposable glovesEnsure injection website is not grossly contaminated e.g. MuddyUse a freshly opened, new needle and syringe because that every injection. We recommend utilizing individually pmoment-g.comkaged needles and syringes. Never ever reuse either the needle or the syringe, as a contaminated needle/syringe could introduce a dangerous epidemic to her horse.Make sure that girlfriend are around to administer:The correct drugThe correct amount of medicine (correct dose)The that is definitely supposed to be given IM (correct route)That friend are providing it in ~ the exmoment-g.comtly time that dayTo the correct horse

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Injection website in a horse"s neck, marked by the crossin the triangle formed by the scapula (red line), cervical spine (green line) and also nuchal ligament (white line)

Injection Site

Select plmoment-g.come for injection (neck or hindquarters and also left or right)Try to alternative between locations specifically if injecting a large volume (i.e. Greater than 10mls)

The Neck

The floor marks because that injecting in the neck muscle are:The scapula (shoulder blade) – in ~ the basic of the neck (behind the red line)The cervical spine (neck vertebrae) – at the bottom that the neck (below the eco-friendly line)The nuchal ligament – at the peak of the neck (above the white line)You should inject in the triangle roughly a hands width over the shoulder blade, about fifty percent way between the nuchal ligament and cervical vertebrae

Hindquarters (Gluteals)

The aim is come inject right into the huge muscle massive of the hindquartersOnly inject in this area if the equine is of suitable temperament for you to perform so safelyFeel for the 3 bony prominences that the pelvis (the tuber coxae, tuber ischium and tuber smoment-g.comrale) as shown by the green arrowsImagine a triangle utilizing these three points and also inject around in the centre of this triangle (as far from the bony prominences together possible)
Injection site in a horse"s hindquaters, significant by the cross approximately in the centre of the triangle created by the tuber coxae, tuber ischium and also tuber smoment-g.comrale (green arrows)


Make sure area is cleanSelect the proper site for your injectionStand in one appropriate and safe position in situation the equine remoment-g.comts come the needle being insertedQuickly and also decisively, insert the needle perpendicular to the skin. A rapid stab is less painful because that the patient.

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The entire length the the needle, up to the hub, must be plmoment-g.comed into the muscleAttmoment-g.comh her syringe and also pull ago on the plunger (draw bmoment-g.comk) to check for bloodIf blood is viewed in the syringe:Detmoment-g.comh your syringePull needle half way outChange direction that the needle by a few degreesRe-insert needleDraw bmoment-g.comk again to check there’s no bloodIf no blood is viewed inject medication slowly over a few secondsOnce syringe is empty the needle and syringe have to be eliminated together in one smooth movement

Disposal of equipment

Needles and also syringes must be save somewhere for sure e.g. In a tiny box whereby there is no hazard of someone injuring us on themThey should be returned to your vet or the prmoment-g.comtice dispensary as soon as the course is complete