Waterbirth Island is a small circular platform, which, top top the surface ar doesn"t show up to have actually anything interesting besides a bunch that Snape grass spawns and a couple of rock crabs. Every the activity is down below - Waterbirth Island has a substantial dungeon pack with an effective and attention monsters, plenty of of which can not be found elsewhere. Whats so special about these monster though, is part drop items to allow you to get special armours, brand-new battle rings, and the elusive Dragon Axe. If you feel brave sufficient to tackle this monsters review on to find out what to expect.You may now teleport come this place upon completion of the Lunar diplomat Quest.

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2.0 - Location

To visit Waterbirth Island friend must an initial make your method to Rellekka. To with Rellekka from Seer"s Village, straightforward follow the pathway north to Sinclair mansion, however head west in ~ the fork in the road. Head over the bridge, then north-west, past some wolves, and also north from them again. Alternatively if you have completed the Fremennik Trials quest, and have an fascinating lyre you have the right to use that to teleport to Rellekka. Then just head north-west come the western-most pier in ~ the docks and speak with Jarvald to travel to Waterbirth Island.

After arriving at Waterbirth Island, you will be top top the shore through a number of Snape Grass spawns - this is the best means for members to collection snape grass for their potions. Currently head north up the route to the entrance of the dungeon. When you reach the cavern entrance, click it and tell you yourself you"re not afraid that dying. You might also notification another dungeon prize on peak of a mountain, you reach that by very first entering the dungeon.

When start the dungeon, you will soon involved some barricades. These have the right to only it is in bypassed by using some kind of long-range attack, together as casting a magic strike spell, or shoot an arrowhead or bolt at it. Therefore, if you"re going alone, remember to bring a rune throwing axe, or bow and arrow or part runes. The same uses if friend go with a group - girlfriend will require someone to assault the barricade with mage or selection to be able to bypass it.

Waterbirth island dungeon ,.::;" full mapsub level one; sub level two; below level three; sub level four; sub level five; below level six

3.0 - Preparation

To endure in the Waterbirth dungeon you must be all set with the best equipment. Everyone need to take one anti-poison potion, at least one prayer potion, and at the an extremely least, lobsters for food. If you intended on running the whole method through the dungeon, a super power potion is also recommended. The best inventory would contain a two to one ratio of food to prayer potions - i.e. About two pieces of food come every one prayer potion. This is because once you with the Dagannoth Kings, you will be needing all the food as they frequently hit 25+.

However, food is still required incase two queens spawn (you can"t pray for both, as one supplies melee, one mages and one ranges), the Rex runs into you, or girlfriend forget to rotate prayer on if trying to gain to the kings. For her first few trips take three items together this helps give you a feel for the dungeon without having to worry about dieing. Select what you will go as (melee, mage or range) depending on what Dagannoth king you wish to kill. Remember that the Rex cannot be damaged by melee, the element cannot it is in damaged by mage, and also the can be fried cannot it is in damaged by range. If you are going with just two people, or by you yourself (and praying who is there to aid open door) bring a rune throw axe. After ~ the first few runs to gain the feel, friend should carry some of the gear displayed in the tables below.

Alternative: Amulet the Fury, strength Amulet, Legends Cape, Obsidian Cape, Ring the Life, Prayer Potions. If absolutely essential wear rune armour, granite shield, and dragon scimitar but expect to dice easier.
Alternative: Mystic Robes, Farseer Helm, Slayer Staff, Amulet of fury, Amulet the Power, Ring of Life, God Cape, Legends Cape, Obsidian Cape, Prayer Potions
Alternative: Karils armour, Magic brief Bow (Or Karil"s X-bow and Bolt Racks), Rune Arrows, Archer Helm, Amulet the Fury/Power, Ring of Life, Lava Cape, Obsidian Cape, Prayer Potions.

4.0 - Strategies

Room 1 - This is the an initial room that you go into in the cave. Over there is a huge open area containing Dagannoths (Level 90, Melee). You will certainly also an alert that close to the ponds and wall surface there are egg sacks; if you look close, Dagannoth generate (Level 42, Melee) will certainly pop out of them. In ~ the eastern end of the room are three tunnels accessed by opening the doors. The phibìc tunnel holds gigantic Rock Crabs (Level 137, Melee). The middle has Wallasalkis (Level 98, Mage) and the southernmost tunnel has Dagannoth (Level 88, Range). In ~ the really east end the tunnels meet, causing a ladder. Yet the way is clogged by some barricades which have to be destroyed. The doors are opened by one person standing of each of the push pads top top the floor for about five seconds.


Open the north door first, so that the ranger or mage have the right to walk v the giant rock crabs. The other two human being should then open up the center doors, revolve on protect from magic and also run through the tunnel come the barricades. The ranger/mage at the height barricade needs to variety the barricade the you are at, ruining it. Note right here that knives and also darts will not with the southern barricade if the ranger is at the north one, or vice-versa.

In the area behind the barricades, hide to the north together the Dagannoth (level 88) will shot and selection you. Over there is a ladder that you can proceed up or down. If you are going to walk down, revolve on run and also protect from mage first. Currently if you are by you yourself there is a way to destroy the barricade in front of you. Was standing behind the north or southern barricade. Whip the end a cram axe and turn the distinct on, then just throw it at the middle barricade. The axe will certainly fly, struggle the middle barricade, then the far one, then come ago and damage the one in prior of you! Rune cram axes have the right to be bought off players or at the ranger"s guild.


You have the right to climb increase the ladder to meet Askeladden (the kid from Fremennik Trials). If you have actually done the Fremennik Trials quest, he will buy a keg that beer off you because that 700gp or he will swap Dagannoth piece for food.

Dagannoth Bones: ??Dagannoth Hide: 1 lobster per

Room 2: do sure protect from magic is on, as those three Wallasalkis really pack a punch. Simply walk east and also climb under the ladder.

Room 3: Don"t stroked nerves running. The large rock crabs room so sluggish you deserve to walk straight previous them. The ladder is come the south, even though it shows up you deserve to go eastern at first. Turn on run and also protect native ranged and climb up or down the ladder.

Room 4: v your safeguard from ranged on you have actually a choice, run south for one optional part, or head west to continue to the Kings. If you head west revolve on protect from magic prior to you head up.

Optional: rise up the southern ladder, take it protect and run off and also simply follow the path. At the end you will see a Fremennik dubbed Bardur (Level 94), fighting Dagannoth fledglings (Level 70), that heals through Sharks incredibly fast. Admire the NPC vs. NPC action if you want or you have the right to talk come Bardur - don"t worry, you can talk come him also though he is fighting. You"ll shortly be analysis a nice funny conversation, which results in him questioning you to bring him a Fremennik helm, shield or knife which the will trade for sharks. Most importantly don"t bother killing the lizards - you gain no endure for attack them.

Sword: ???Helm: ???Shield: ???

Room 5, 6, 7: do sure safeguard from magic is on, together there space a the majority of Wallasalkis, and don"t stroked nerves running. Follow the tunnel come room 8.

Room 8: You should walk in this room - if a large rock crab attacks you put safeguard from melee on together they are very powerful and hit very quick.

Room 9: Walk previous the giant rock crabs. As you round the corner turn run and protect indigenous ranged on, and also be searching for the ladder to ideal click and also climb up so girlfriend are very quick. Be mindful of lag here, together there room a lot of monsters.

Room 10: 2 ranger Dagannoths, don"t bother v prayer, and walk.

Room 11: Just prior to heading increase ladder put defend from melee and run on.

Room 12: Don"t take operation or safeguard from melee off, as the rock lobsters (level 127) here hit really fast and also with great power. As shortly as you can see the end of the tunnel in the mini-map, revolve run on and switch to safeguard from ranged, climate switch to inventory for this reason you can be ready to eat. As you with the open up area just outside the tunnel girlfriend will an alert a lot of dagannoth. Shot to stay near the wall and monitor it east. In ~ the eastern side that the room, halfway down and a tiny bit in is the ladder. Shot and find that ladder as quickly as possible so that you can climb down it quickly.

The Dagannoth Kings: Congratulations, you"ve make it to the three level 303 Dagannoth Kings. The Dagannoth element is the mage, Dagganoth Rex is the meleer and also Dagannoth can be fried is the ranger. About the leaf of the room is a moat, and also inside it room Springlops (level 76) which girlfriend can strike (if you space melee on what they are close to the edge). Obviously friend don"t get any kind of drops native them together they room in water. However, you must be wary the them together they have the right to do some relatively high damage. Together such, my advice is to continue to be in the middle where castle are much less likely to attack you.

Dagannoth Rex: together previously described Rex cannot be fight by melee, therefore obviously you have to mage or range him. Unlike the other two kings, Rex likes to move approximately a lot. See that huge tail the his, wriggling round like half a worm? well it transforms out that if it access time you, it have the right to do approximately 26 damage. Also, as soon as he swipes, damage will be handle to multiple players if you"re was standing together, so spread out if your there with a team. The fortunate thing about this king is the he doesn"t have spells the hit many world who can be much away from that (unlike the other two). Range or mage that from close to the edge, appropriate on the moat. Though this provides you a target for the sinolyps, just turn on protect from ranged if you mage, or protect from magic if you room a ranger. If you see Rex coming because that you, break turn off the attack, get ago and wait because that him to assault someone else, and also then recommence attacking.

Dagannoth Prime: This male is a pushover - the casts what"s favor a water wave on steroids. Simply turn on safeguard from magic and also there is no method he can do any type of damage to you. Also, he seems to fight the human being who are attacking him v melee the most - or people who space right following t to him. Therefore a great idea is to range him so have actually a lower chance of being attacked. The just thing you need to be wary the is Rex running into you and also damaging friend badly.

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Dagannoth Supreme: This male is really annoying, as he launches spines native his earlier that struggle several people at a time. It"s best to melee this guy, together I have actually noticed that as soon as he launches his spines, human being who are additional away from him are much more likely to gain hit 보다 those stand right alongside him. Additionally if friend can obtain behind the that"s great, as he just launches spines in former of him. As long as friend have defend from ranged on, he isn"t really the difficult. As soon as again, it is in wary of Rex running with you and also hitting some nasty damage.