Did girlfriend surf on the route and also bring a pokemon through strength, its a method to obtain a faster way to the giant chasm.And you won"t need to surf to acquire there.Go there and go right as soon as you gain into the cavern then increase left and also go under the stairs and also out to go into the gigantic chasm.There you walk anything else?Also did girlfriend beat the game at the very least once mine m8 simply told me this

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What you perform to get to huge Chasm, you fly to Lacunosa town first, then exit on the right. Ride her bike . Go under all the way and head down the stairs ~ above the left. Go ideal again and use Surf to go through the water to walk North. And your in ~ the entrance of the huge Chasm.Now, for the cave, this is a maze. Usage Max loss . After her done through the cave maze, you"ll be outside. If you want to gain to Kyurem, find a tiny lake in the center of the maze and also everything will be surrounding in snow.These Pokemon girlfriend encounter below will it is in in your lvl 60s, a great place because that training her team. And also this is an excellent to train your team here.
-------------------Pokémon X friend CodeKorn3566 1685 0091Pokémon in friend Safari will be Lampent, Pumpkaboo and also Golurk
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i go it and also caught some pokes thx because that d advice . . Mmmmmmmmmmkl/