The Arathi Highlands are situated in southeastern Lordaeron, east of Hillsbrad Foothills and south of the Hinterlands. It is a flat yet craggy an ar that has actually traditionally to be the home of the humans of Arathor, who provided the region its name. The key hubs of activity are now Refuge Pointe and Hammerfall, which houses bases for Alliance and Horde, respectively. The big city of Stromgardelies in ruins to the southwest, and also pockets of Syndicate resistance period the land. The Boulderfist Orges likewise infest Arathor, and also prove to it is in a consistent threat come the Alliance, Horde, and Syndicate factions vying because that supremacy.

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The Syndicate, Boulderfist ogres and also the beleaguered human defenders the Stromgarde fight for dominance in this gray, dismal realm. Prince Galen Trollbane leads the human being defenders, and his mighty city the Stromgarde is a destroyed battleground whereby the three factions fairy guerrilla war. The Trollbane family’s holdings encompass several old human artifacts, and also a group called the Caretakers protects and preserves the most vital pieces. To the south is the Thandol Span, a substantial dwarven construction that bridges the canal in between Lordaeron and Khaz Modan. Due to the leg being the only land connecting route from Lordaeron to Khaz Modan, the Arathi Highlands have come to be quite a hotspot for trade in between the be separated continents.


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Getting there

 Horde From Tarren Mill in the Hillsbrad Foothills, operation eastwards across the river and catch up v the key road. Monitor the key road eastward till you go through Thoradin\"s Wall. Continue following the course for a significant time, till you view a signed turnoff come the north to Hammerfall. Take it that revolve off and also continue running till you obtain to Hammerfall.  Alliance From Ironforge run eastern towards Loch Modan take the road in the Loch phibìc through Dun Algaz pass and into the Wetlands. Monitor the road as it operation north, northeast, then west. When the roadway splits and heads phibìc follow the north. You\"ll pass the destroyed bridge Thandol Span and you\"ll it is in in the highlands.


To the west is Thoradin\"s Wall, now collapsed and also gaping wide. Southeast is the Thandol Span, which bridges the gap in between Lordaeron and Khaz Modan. Mountains to the east prevent easy access to the sea. Its trees are pine.

The Arathi Highlands space an area that grassy land in southeastern Lordaeron. Remarkable features encompass the great circles of binding, i m sorry are defended by elementals and used to keep some unknown entity imprisoned. The region lies just north the the huge canyon running in between the highlands and also the Wetlands to the south, which deserve to only be crossed by the Thandol Span. The area is house to the damages of Stromgarde Keep, which has been overrun by ogres and the Syndicate. The wildlife the the highlands includes giant spiders, carrion birds, and raptors.

There is also a dwarven farm on the southeast coastline of the zone, despite the ar is presented as The Forbidding Sea top top the minimap if there. It deserve to only be accessed either by flying mount or by swim from the Hinterlands or the Wetlands. If there are two Alliance-tagged dwarven farmers and some miscellaneous critters there--as well as 2 grain fields, dwarven stables, and also a little hovel sculpted into the next of the mountain--the farm shows up to offer no purpose other than together a geography curiosity.

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There are no instanced dungeons in the Arathi Highlands, despite the damages of Stromgarde Keep are one of the most well known micro dungeons in the game, and also the The Tower the Arathor micro dungeon can likewise be found here. The enntrance gate to the Arathi Basin battleground can likewise be uncovered in this zone.

Adjacent regions 

Zone name Faction Level variety Direction  Access  Access
Hillsbrad Foothills 20-25 West By foot west By foot west; from Galen\"s Fall to Eastpoint Tower; from Hammerfall to Tarren Mill
Hinterlands   30-35 North By tunnel northwest of Refuge Pointe; from Refuge Pointe to Stormfeather Outpost or Aerie Peak By tunnel northwest of Refuge Pointe; from Hammerfall to Revantusk Village or Hiri\"watha study Station
Twilight Highlands    84-85 Southeast  to Greenwarden\"s Grove, climate by foot or flying mount east By foot or flying mount southern to Wetlands, climate east
Wetlands 20-25 South By foot south across Thandol Span; from Refuge Pointe to Menethil Harboror Dun Modr By foot south across Thandol Span