Anyone have any ideas on just how to get some of this matted blood/material i have got between my staples? The staples ostensibly come out next week but this is grooosss. Blech. I recognize I can not scrub hard, soak my head or usage a strong water spray on the scratch site and I can not think of noþeles else that will assist without in which method damaging the staples or causing new bleeding. Ns guess I need to be thankful that’s the biggest annoyance i have experienced since coming residence from crainiotomy top top Monday, no? any kind of ideas would certainly be appreciated. Many thanks much. --Jen

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I am no saying that this is the correct response however if it were me I would leave my scratch alone. I recognize it is gross yet the days will certainly go by fast. Castle probably gave you accuse on washing her hair and quite honestly anything other than those discharge instructions I would certainly not do. You will certainly blink her eyes and also it will certainly be following week. Time overcome quickly. Take care.

Hey Jen, happy to hear things room going well. Ns would simply leave the alone. That need to be the least of your concerns. You need to work on gaining well. It will all be in the past soon. Take it care and go slow.Tom

Jen~~Hi there. Happy you you are doing well. I have some blood on my hair too. I would leave it along,just to wash it and also wait till remove time, you go girl. I’m 3 behind you getting mine out. Weak a tiny on my right, but working that out,God Bless

Jennifer, happy to listen you’re home and also to check out you are already on the site! as everyone rather wrote…leave the scratch alone! nothing you remember together a kid when your mother would phone call you not to scrape or choose at you cuts and scabs? Smile, Smile…Before you know it the staples will be out and the scratch healed. Take it care, Barbara

See, ns knew these would certainly be the responses - but me being me I had actually to try! as one person mentioned, my mommy has currently chastised me about picking. Grrrr!! Actually, I’m an extremely grateful this is my biggest worry thus far. God knows I can have much much more problems come wrestle with. We gained a med regimen that seems to work - a combo of short dose Norco and also Klonopin. I deserve to handle the ache well but when I integrate pain through panic the gets really bad. This particular day is the an initial day I’m using the two and it’s significantly better. My team pertained to realize the after the anesthesia started to wear turn off in bulk my brain was in reality too energetic and was resulting in the anxiety and also panic which was a killer combo.

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Glad to see you’re doing for this reason well and also being able to article on the site!! I would leave well enough alone together well. With all points considered…yup, this have to be the the very least of her worries.

I like what Tom said, take it care and also go SLOW. Wishing you continued health and also recovery.

Jennifer, glad you are home and also doing well…my girlfriend from this board involved see her Mom before your surgery. I don’t think she knew at the time it to be postponed, as I view in your various other post…I thought it to be so quite of she to talk v your Mom before your surgery and hope she was part comfort come her. Remain well…Kim